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March 03 2008

Buffy Season 8: #12 Wolves at the Gate ships this week. According to Diamond's shipping list.

And like clockwork, Rich Johnston's Lying in the Gutters column says (again) we probably will want to either run out and get a copy fast, or b.) buy a whole bunch, if we're serious about turning our stashes of funny books in cash. None-to-vague spoilers.
Buffy #12: The Tickle Me Elmo of 2008. Minus the large crowds, high anxiety, disappointed kids, and angry fistfights. Hopefully not minus the tickles.

the return of... someone. Possibly hairy

Wolves at the Gate... Wolves at the Gate... literal wolves in the preview... hmmmm... nope, clearly I need more hints, CBR. Hairy, you say? Wait-- is it Glory? Or perhaps Ben? Perhaps both? Are they working together nowadays?
We'll hold a thread on Wednesday for all those mourning the return of Veruca, the Weregirl.
It would be really, really nice if all the comics I've bought over the last twenty years suddenly decided to appreciate in value to the point where I could retire to the Keys and sit on the beach with a margarita in my hand for the rest of my life. But, since that probably ain't gonna happen, I guess I'll have to be content with buying'em and enjoying'em. And, of course, boarding and bagging'em like I think they actually are gonna be worth something... ;-)

(Edited to fix my stupid mis-typing.)

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Snark at CBR aside, may I say, I am very much looking forward to this arc. No hype needed-- it's Drew Goddard writing Buffy. That's a formula made of win.

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