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"The curtains close. On a kiss god knows. We can tell the end is near."
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March 03 2008

Caption Summer Glau and win a ton of Terminator stuff. Over at i09 they're giving away a pile of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles items, just in time for tonight's season finale. Just enter the caption in the comments.

Ok, first? When I looked there were already 312 captions. Or...I should say "submissions," 'cause some folks had more than one entry/caption.

Secondly? I'm not gonna register for that site just to enter for a chance to win stuff.

I'll post my ideas here, instead. :-)

"Geez. Ya really gotta remember to close your eyes when you go into sleep mode."

John: "Cameron, I need your help. I need to buy three complete series of television shows, on DVD, but I'm short on cash. Can you tap Mom's account for me?"
Cameron: "John, that would be stealing, and stealing is wrong. Why do you need to purchase these...DVDs? Are they necessary for your continued survival?"
John: "Because Joss Whedon is my master now."
Cameron: "Thank you for explaining."

"Ok, lemme see if I've got this straight: In the future I sent Kyle Reese back to protect my mother from the Terminators that were sent back in time to kill her because I sent Kyle back to save her, because in the future I was going to lead mankind against the revolt of the machines, but Kyle ended up becoming my father and dying in the past, but he couldn't die in the past because he was in the future with me to be sent back to the past."

Cameron's ears start smoking.....

John: "Knock, knock."
Cameron: "I don't understand."
John: "It's called a 'knock-knock joke.' I say 'Knock, knock' and you're supposed to ask 'Who's there?'"
Cameron: "But I know who is there, John. It's you. And there is no door between us."
John sighs in exasperation. "Are you sure you're not Vulcan?"
Cameron: "What does the god of volcanoes have to do...."
John: "ARRRGH!"

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Here's mine:

John: And thats why The Crying Game scarred me for life...
Cameron: Thats f**ked up!
Eh, I registered and then my comment wasn't even posted because my membership wasn't approved yet. Why do I bother.
Mine weren't either, but I got approved about 10 minutes after I registered and they all popped in.
Xerox- that one should win.
Thanks, madmolly... sadly I don't think it will get counted because I haven't been approved yet.
Anyone else see a creepy bald guy hiding behind John?
I just read through most of the comments... they are all about sex pretty much. Well sex and what looks like a bald guy behind John.
I am proud to say that in my dozen or so entries I (mostly) avoided sleazy innuendo. Or sleazy outright sleaze, for that matter.
John (glancing up): Hold it, there's a mike in the shot.
Cameron: How do you know his name is Mike?
John: What?
ok, knowing Fox and previous...experiences, i say we rally behind Terminator. Send them something like a petition or a poster saying how much we love this show and don't want it to end.
Sounds good to me!

If they end up canceling the show... Joss might not be right about FOX being different. They might still be evil! It could show that Dollhouse doesn't have a chance! :(

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Woo! I got Honorable Mention! Which means I get stuff. Life is good.

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