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March 04 2008

Serenity seen to be 'neglected'. Remember the hoo-ha over the no-show for Serenity on the AFI's Best Sci-Fi films? Well fans can now take cold comfort from the news that SciFi Wire readers decided that Serenity should have been on the list after all.

What an oversight and series of oversights.

Of my top 10 fave films of all time, Serenity(#1), Empire, Aliens.. and those three would easily be my favorite sci-fi.

Serenity is almost understandable... There are those who don't know it.. and when they see it, they are amazed.. But EMPIRE? The universally accepted best of the SW films (and really the only nearly perfect one)?

It does make me feel better.. because, well, to put it bluntly.. who cares what a dummy thinks?
Yay, 'Serenity' made it onto a list of films that didn't make it onto a list of films.

Do we dance as the universe implodes or just sit and watch ? ;-)
There's nothing cold about this comfort :)
I like your tags for this, Simon.

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