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June 06 2003

Gamespot preview of the new Buffy video game... Buffy enthusiasts hoping to place it in the series chronology can catalog it as an episode from the fifth season that fits between episodes 17 and 18.

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"Speaking of the cast, you'll find most of the television show's cast voicing their virtual selves. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan are the only major no-shows. Fans will recognize the vocal stylings of Eliza Dushku, Anthony Stewart Head, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, and Amber Benson, who capably give voice to their alter egos."

Well, poop, I hope the replacement for Alyson is as good as the one for Sarah in the first game (and hopefully that same replacement for Sarah is in this one as well). And apart from the Marsters video, it looks like the Xbox version is the best one to get if you want to get the version with the best graphics.
Now granted, NONE of this actually happened so WTF? But for those who pay attention to canon, nonWhedon stories (or more technically non Mutant Enemy teleplays sanctioned by Whedon for tv production) are apocryphal. Those of us who are Buffy enthusiasts that give a darn at all about temporal chronology in the canon wouldn't fit a video game into the chronology. If it's not an episode of BtVS produced by Mutant Enemy, it's not canon. It's like fan fiction, published novels and comics, doesn't matter where it fits cuz anything apocryphal belongs in an alternate reality adjacent to the canon reality. Which is just down the street from Angel's reality in which everything that happened in the first few seasons of Buffy actually happened but the rest of it maybe didn't. And that reality is just a few leagues shy from Star Trek's Mirror universe, unless you take that right turn at Alberquerque. And the mirror universe is a few parsecs north by northwest of Never Never Land, which is the second star on the left and straight on till morning.

I could draw you a map...?
Why didn't/doesn't Sarah do the voiceovers for the last game, or this game?

And whose idea was it to drudge up Sid the dummy as a major character in this game? It strikes me as a little odd and ill-fitting.
I thought that I had read that Whedon was like Lucas in that he includes ALL of the official stories in the canon. Specifically, this means that the comics (including Fray), the (someday) animated series, AND the video game have all actually happened.

Zachsmind, you do not speak for me when you say Buffy enthusiasts don't give a darn about such things. I haven't read the comic books because I had to give them up because of the cost, but the few that I have thumbed through have seemed to be deserving members of the Buffyverse. The very inclusion of the scythe by Whedon in Season 7 shows that Whedon more likely feels the same way.

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