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March 04 2008

EW's favorite immortals. Entertainment Weekly's list of their favorite immortals include some of our favorites.

Other common fan favs inlcude Legolas, Q, and Nick Knight.

Guess what? Spike is my favorite immortal, too.
What, pray tell, is wrong with having a thumbnail gallery so we don't need to click backwards and forwards through 18 frikkin' pages ?

EW, you have lost my eyeballs, so there.

(like Spike and Angel a lot - not in that way, filthy - but where immortals are concerned, 'There can be only one' and he was born in the village of Glenfinnan, by the shores of Loch Shiel, in 1518 ;)
I have great hopes for New Amsterdam - boy, looking forward to its premiere for a long time and its finally here.

No love for Barnabas Collins, my childhood staple and friend?! Geez. (Not to mention the sexy, short-lived series re-do with Ben Cross)
I agree with Saje, there can be only one! But clearly that one is Duncan, not Connor. Sorry. ;)
Uch, so nearly right but you missed by the width of cousin-hood ;).

Seen the 'New Amsterdam' pilot Tonya (w/out a 'J' ;) and though it was clunky in places it actually wasn't too bad all in all. Good enough (IMO) for me to have a look at the next couple.
Spike and Angel are mere babies.

I'd go with the Doctor, the Wandering Jew and Count St. Germain.
Death from Bill & Ted makes it while Death from The Seventh Seal doesn't? I call shenanigans.
Great Odin's beard! Not even a ThunderGod gets a nod?
Well, technically the Doctor isn't inmortal, he is going to die eventually, he's just really old. but i'd go with him,too.
He's in the 'T.V characters you'd date' gallery. There's even a message from Rose Tyler.

I haven't seeing New Amsterdam yet, but i am looking forward to it.
Any of the Endless. And I've always had a thing for Orlando. BTW, Kaylee gets a mention in the "Reader Picks: TV Characters You'd Date" noted on the same page.
I'm with SNT, although I'd probably specify Dream, Death, and Delirium, in that order ;) Depends on when you asked me, though, as the others are all fascinating as well. I need to re-read that epic soon, methinks.
Okelay: Well, technically the Doctor isn't inmortal, he is going to die eventually, he's just really old. but i'd go with him,too.

Technically Captain Jack is, and should be on that list.
Oh I am SOOOO ashamed for not mentioning the Endless. I'm not sure I could pick just one of them though... Mrs. Haunt would undoubtedly pick Delirium, and I myself do have an odd affection for Destruction. But when it comes right down to it I could never pick just one. So I guess it's the Endless as a family ftw.

But can we really talk about the Endless without at least mentioning Hob Gadling?
Technically Captain Jack is, and should be on that list.

Actually, technically he may not be, it all depends on the seriousness with which you treat a certain 'Doctor Who' S3 "revelation".
I'm going to have to back up Duncan over Connor here. As far as I'm concerned, there is no other highlander.
Duncan over Connor..? Sorry in no way shape or form do I get that. Probably my age though.
Well Jack Diamond, how old are you? Not sure what difference that makes, but I'm almost 40, love the original movie AND the character of Connor, but I feel that the series benefits from having much more time to build it's story, a more evolved mythology and a lead actor (the amazing Adrian Paul) that is vastly superior to the cheesetastic-but-lovable Christopher Lambert. If the film series ended with the first ("There can be only one" my aunt Petunia) than it would stand up a little better in comparison. But for as much as I love the original, Duncan was the better character.

AND his accent at least TRIED to sound vaguely Scots.
Is there anyone else here like me that once you see an actor in his first major role, you tend to identify them in that role with everything else you see? Not that they can't overcome that, but there were moments in Highlander, the original film, where I couldn't help thinking about Greystoke. One had nothing to do with the other and yet ... "He was my father!!" (Oh well, there goes my stint in high society) I did love the film though, and never watched the series.
Not necessarily your age, Jack Diamond. My twenty-two year old self prefers Connor, hinky accent or no. ;) I never got into the series as much, though Adrian Paul was coolness.

No Jack, or Doctor? Pfft. ;) But very pleased with the Pinhead shout-out. He doesn't get nearly the attention he deserves.
Spike, then Duncan. If there's gonna be only one, it's gotta be Duncan.
Because I saw Highlander 2. Spits. We shall speak of Connor no more.

[ edited by Xane on 2008-03-05 03:27 ]
Ah for me ... If there can be only one, then it's Angel. If there can be two :) ... then it's Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez(Sean Connery) as well. hmmmm
I agree, resa, at least with Angel. Then comes Spike. But when we talk about Highlanders, its Duncan all the way! And don't blame the preference on age. I'm older than Haunt and I prefer Duncan by a mile. Maybe it's the gender! And he had 5 seasons of tv so a much more detailed history. But I really couldn't stand Richie and when he became an immortal I was horrified, but thankfully Duncan killed him (yes, I know he was out of his mind). I liked the Master better than Richie!
Not the gender, I'm a girl Duncan fan.
Richie was pretty annoying, but not as annoying as the Doctor Duncan started seeing after Tess was killed. I loved Tessa.
Hey I guess I was a Duncan/Tessa shipper. How would you abbreviate that one? Duncessa? Tuncan? That's not right.
Because I saw Highlander 2.

You can't have since they skipped from 1 to 3 (in my mind ;).

Nah, Connor all the way. Adrian Paul's accent is better, his acting is better, his character has longer to grow on us (though I only watched a few episodes) but it all counts for naught against "I'll bloody well walk out of here" or "Sshhh, it's a kind of magic". 'Sides Connor was from "lahts ov difrint playces" hence he sounded about as Scottish as Clancy Brown (Big Sean's Spanish/Egyptian accent was flawless though, the guy's a chameleon).

So agreed, it's not age, it's purely a matter of taste - some of us have it ... ;-).
Spike for the win.

I do love Duncan, but then I’ve always had this strange attraction to Adam/Methos.
Gotta say my desert island immortal is Spike as well.

And that's not even influenced by the number of fics I've read that strand him and a Buffyverse female on said island (or similar plot device.) ;-)

He's crafty, and although he may drive me nuts at times, I'd never be bored.

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