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March 04 2008

Firefly tops list of highest rated Sci Fi television shows. As found by's audience reviews. Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes in at number 5. (And Angel would have placed at 12 if it had not been inexplicably omitted.)

Interesting compilation of shows. Star Wars Clone Wars is said to be released in September 2008 so prospective shows are obviously included, but no mention of Dollhouse that I could see.

Ripper at #39? Has this even been shot?
Not only that but no mention of Angel! It has a rating of 9.1, so it should have been included.
Angel? Anybody?
Space: Above and Beyond should have shown up higher than it did, as should HHGttG. Farscape seemed a bit overrated to me, as well.
I was about to say, Ripper? January 1? What? So confused.
It took me a moment to figure what these "ratings" meant. Having done so, I see that Whisper is quite correct in stating that Angel should have been included. I amended the link title to reflect that a rating of 9.13 would have placed it between Farscape and Babylon 5.

It is rather odd to have ratings for shows that none of the reviewers have seen or that, indeed, haven't actually been (and may never be) made.
Never seen Dollhouse. I rate it a 10. :)
While Firefly may top this list today, it may be may be a different rank.'s rankings are pretty fluid, although I will say that Firefly is regularly at the top of the scifi list as well as the overall list as well.
How can anything be voted ahead of my beloved buffy?!

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