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March 04 2008

Best and Worst TV Principals Ever...Snyder??

Eh, I have almost as hard a time seeing Clemmons on the bottom of the list as I do seeing Snyder on top. Flutie could definitely be counted amongst the worst... but Hyena food was a great end for him.
Well argued case for the placement of Snyder on the list.... hee hee.
I love Snyder!....while i hate him
Snyder is amazing. He is beyond words hilarious and his obsession with drugs is like no other.
The "Beat" confused me for a bit *pokes Chris* I think you were gonna write "Best"

And I so love Snyder. Almost as much as I loved Quark. Heck, I love both of them... and now I'm wondering if anyone ever did a crossover fic with the two one-of-a-kind guys meeting.
Hey..cut the S man some slack. He never ever got a single date in high school, did he?
chazman...Your point being?

Nice to see Snyder get a little love. Everyone needs it, even a tiny impotent Nazi with a bug up his butt the size of an emu.
I'd have liked Snyder a whole lot better if I hadn't known a couple of his real-life prototypes...
I support the reasons for Synder being up at the top of the list. The man had a lot to deal with.

But more importantly, can I really respect a list that puts Feeny at the bottom? (NO!)
How can you not love a man who says "That's the kind of woolly-headed liberal thinking that gets a person eaten", and then ends up getting eaten? It's the perfect summation of the conservative mind.

Seriously, Armin Shimerman was brilliant in the role. I especially loved his channeling of Marlon Brando as Kurtz, in Xander's dream.
Actually, barboo, I think it's called "irony." And I take great exception to your political insinuations.
That list is whack. Feeney is and will always be fantastic.
Yes, I have to reluctantly agree with Snyder's placement. I never would have thought so. But Van was a great principal on VM. I was sorry to see her leave High School because of him.
As someone who has had several principals as bosses, I adore Snyder. He's such a beautiful representation of the "administrator within." Hopefully "within."
This is a glorious day for principals everywhere. No pathetic whining about student's rights. Just a long row of lockers and a man with a key.

I try and tell them about the important things in life. Discipline, responsibility, punctuality.

Why couldn't you be dealing drugs like normal people?

Plus I love the way the red light shines through his ears.
Snyder deserves his place on the list, the fact that he yelled at the demony Mayor Wilkins is enough of a reason.
What I find ironic is that when Snyder was turned into a teenager in Band Candy, he acted exactly like Saved By the Bell's Mr. Belding is described in the article. Who knows, maybe Snyder is what a principal like Belding would eventually become if he were exposed to realistic high school students?
Yeah, I always found wonderful the fact that he yelled at the Mayor Snake, despite how submissive he'd been up until then. Showed some nice principles (hah! puns) in his final moments.
I haven't really watched any of the other shows that much, but I'm sure Snyder would be my pick, anyhow. Armin Shimerman is just awesome.

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