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June 06 2003

Resident Evil: Apocalypse Alyson Hannigan as Jill Valentine??

Just the article's author speculating, but it's a fun read.

Hmm... I'd like to see our Miss Hannigan do something different to stretch her acting ability but Resident Evil just seems wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Very wrong.
Considering how bad the first Resident Evil was, I'm happy to hear they're including characters from the game since I thought Matt was Chris for most the first film. As for this speculation about actresses, I might drool over Famke Janssen, but seeing Alyson in an action film might be the only thing to make me part with my money to see this sequel.
I doubt Aly will end up being in it.
I can't believe they're making a sequel! The first Resident Evil movie sucked big donkey parts. I'd rather actually rent American Pie to see Hannigan than check out a sequel to Resident Evil. And no, I haven't seen American Pie yet and don't plan to ever see it. I'm waiting for the nonexistent version that specifically ONLY shows scenes involving Alyson Hannigan. I don't wanna see ANY of the rest of it. Even in fastforward/rewind. I just wanna hear the "last summer at band camp" lines and dat's it.

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