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March 05 2008

Amy Adams hosts SNL this weekend. Who else thinks it's funny that the musical guest is Vampire Weekend?

Vampire Weekend are also funky biscuits.
What gossi said: QFT
Cousin Beth is all Oscar girl and poor Amber is trying to get her art off of the ground. It makes me resent Amy Adams. I know how stupid that sounds, but it's how I feel. Good for her...I guess.
Why resent Amy Adams? She's produced mainstream dreck ("Talladega Nights") while Amber tries to do things she believes in. Popular success is its own reward... and curse.
She's also been on the Office and the West Wing, so obviously her taste in television series is great.
I said it sounded stupid. *wink* Probably because it is. I don't know, I'd just like to see Amber in more things I guess. It still tickles me when "Cousin Beth" says "bitty bit" though.
Amy was also in "Charlie Wilson's War", and will have a new movie with Frances McDormand this weekend, which I will check out in Sacramento. That's why we'll see her on SNL this week, although Eliza Dushku would also be a good hosting prospect someone should consider.
I can't for this. I'm in love with this woman! It's weird watching her in Family and then looking at where she is today. She's truly a fantastic actress.
Most people I know are just about fed up with me when I say, "that actor was on Buffy." I've said this a lot about Amy and I think she's rad. Good for her. I'll definitely be watching on Saturday.
She was absolutely lovely in Junebug.
She was brilliant in Enchanted.
1- Specifically comapring AMy and *Amber* (instead of either to soemone else) because Amy was in a Tara-centered epsiode is a bit off-center in a way

2-That having been said, maybe they'll cast AMy in a part where her character has a cousin and they'll ask her for a suggestion on who should play it dot dot dot dot.

3-I wonder if AMy realizes that one small guest shot has gained her a fan-following from among a fiercely and at times disturbingly loyal, fanatic, and energetic bunch like "Buffans."
(Of course, I have to wonder, why her? I seldom see, for examples, Adam Kauffman, James Stephens, Megahn Perry, Meagan Gray, or Persia White mentioned on Joss-oriented sites. And they're all working actors.)

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