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March 05 2008

Happy Birthday to David Fury. The Buffy/Angel writer/producer turns 49 today.

Happy Birthday, David!
Woohoo! Happy Birthday, Fury-san. it just me or is David channelling his boss and buddy Joss in that IMDB pic? Cuz my first impression was "Why is there a pic of Joss there, instead of David Fury?" Then I clued in...good times, it was ;)
Happy Birthday big guy. Nobody dances with dry cleaning like you, baby!
Here's hoping the day is mustard stain-free.
Well, they'd get it out anyway so no biggie.

Happy birthday Mr David Fury Esq., Creative Being at large, and oodles more. Hope there're no major terrorist threats today but if there are remember to ask yourself, "What would Jack do ?" ;).
Happy Birthday Uncle Fury !!
And Many, Many More !!
Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday!
I enjoy your work very much, keep it up (except today cause it's your birthday)!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Fury!! Thank you for "You're Welcome"!
Happy Bday to the Fury.. now come work on Dollhouse and or season8! :D
Hope you have a very nice Birthday, Mr. Fury..and many more. :)
Happy birthday, Fury.
Sweet wishes for your birthday, Mr Fury.
Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite 'uncle'.

I've put in an order for some goats to be sacrificed in his honor- hope it's a great year for him!

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