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March 05 2008

David Boreanaz and Bones crew at Paley Center on April 9th. Subscriptions/tickets for non-members on sale soon.

Subscriptions on sale to Members March 5 at noon
Subscriptions on sale to nonmembers March 8 at noon

Individual tickets on sale to Members March 11 at noon
Individual tickets on sale to nonmembers March 14 at noon
The subscription series includes Moonlight and Jason Dohring :)

So...this is a totally different event, obviously.

Quick! Everyone who got a membership for the Buffy panel buy your tickets!

And then watch the system crash again.

Hmmm...maybe not a good idea?
WOW!! This is great news for those who couldn't get tickets to the Buffy reunion. This is a great lead-in to the return of the show in April.
Thing is, they're starting to compare the show to "Moonlighting", which isn't quite accurate. Seeley and Temperence have 24,172 times more respect for each other than Dave and Maddie ever did, and that was in the pilot. This event should sell out quickly.

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luckily these are sold through Paley not ticketweb so you actually get a person who knows what is going on :)
I just got off the phone and they have 15 tickets left for the subscription series which would be Bones, The Riches, and Moonlight. They will still have individual tickets starting March 11th

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I would KILL to go to this! I LOVE Bones!! Darn being on the east coast and having no money! Really hope DVDs will be available!
I just got my tickets for the subcription series..I do not know what I will do with The Riches..but I was not missing Bones or Moonlight.

And I did it through the website..with no problem but it was not ticketweb.

[ edited by SillyD on 2008-03-05 23:13 ]
WOW!! This is great news for those who couldn't get tickets to the Buffy reunion.

Meh, not really. *hates Bones* *still bitter about Buffy fiasco*

SillyD, I'll buy your Riches ticket(s?) if you really don't want them. I'm planning to buy 2 anyway. My email is in my profile.
Samantha...the thing that is weird is that they are will call so I do not know when I get to pick them up. I am hoping they let me pick them all up when I go to the first one which is Bones.
I have 4 I was going to let them go to waste. I will sell them at cost though as long as I have them. I will email you when I know.

I am still pissed about Buffy also.
Thanks SillyD -- do let me know. I don't want to sit on it too long and risk it selling out, so I may end up buying tickets on the 11th. But keep me posted!
If anyone got the subscription series for Bones; and they want to get rid of thier Moonlight tichets...the Moonlight Board : has Bones tickets they want to trade for Moonlight tickets.

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