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March 06 2008

(SPOILER) Scott Allie interview with Comic Book Resources. Buffy Season 8 editor Scott Allie talks to CBR about Issue #12 and #16, and confirms writers until the end of Season 8.

Allie said the relationship may also have been weighed by a simple law of averages. “Buffy is living in a castle with 500 girls and one guy and she is an open-minded young person,” the editor explained. “I think part of why this exists in this comic and why this feels appropriate in this comic is because of the way Joss sees the world. And the way Joss experiences the world, this happens with people.”

Okay, this is my only major 'shipper complaint about all of this as a Buffy/Xander 'shipper. I get that maybe they never felt the same way at the same time. I get that maybe Buffy never has been all that into Xander. I get that maybe they already have been together and decided they don't fit that way. I get that maybe they should just be friends.

What I don't like and don't get is that, the way this is phrased, Scott and Joss both looked at Buffy's situation and said "hmmm... she can sleep with one of hundreds of women, or with Xander. OBVIOUSLY she'll sleep with a woman."

I mean... they literally established that Buffy wouldn't sleep with him if he was the last man on earth. Oy frickin' vey :(

Oh well. Glad to see that they have most of the writing planned. And it's very cool to see that Jeph Loeb is writing a one shot, which is apparently the end of Act I of this season.
You might add some special warning that this spoils for issue 16, too, not just 12, as many might assume.
Oh. I just got spoiled for #16. Heh.

Well, now there's even more reason for them to reprint Fray. Any word?
Yeah, my bad. I hadn't read it closely enough before posting.
Okay, this is my only major 'shipper complaint about all of this as a Buffy/Xander 'shipper.

Do bear in mind that we have a shipping policy here.
Apparently they left out Steven DeKnight from arc 21-25's lineup, which Joss confirmed to Newsarama. Add me to the ones psyched by Jeph Loeb, I loved Batman's Hush storyline.

Question: what was the demon named Tichajt in Anywhere But Here ? I seem to remember it was called Sephrilian..
Honestly, they weren't quite clear on that thing's name. It sounded like one was a species, one was a name, or one was a name and one was an order or something. Call it Expositionajt.

Simon, sorry about that. But it was just to set up the 'last man on earth' thing, which was mostly for the comedic value. I was going to try to make it a "Y: The Last Man" thing, but without Vaughan writing it, I didn't see the point. "X: The Last Man"?

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KoC, I thought so too.

Well, Joss could spin Xander off in his own series, a hardened solo warrior against strictly homosexual women. Like the male regular in The L Word, only funnier:-)
"And despite what some people are going to say, I think Spike was a much less appropriate partner than Satsu is"

Well thanks Scott Allie. That's always nice to hear!
Sarcasm font

Spike, less appropriate since 2003!
I loved Joss getting Vaughan to write an arc. I'm not a huge Meltzer guy (maybe I need to read more, he's just not strikingly awesome in the same way that Vaughan is), but I don't openly dislike him. Jeph Loeb, though? He's a ruiner at this point. At least it's only one issue. He might have one good idea. Letting him touch canonical Buffy is gross, though. I'll keep an open mind.

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I keep hearing that Fray is out of print, but my comic shop in LA (Meltdown)had plenty of them when I went in to get #12. So if you are in LA and looking for Fray, it's out there.
Interestingly, speculation fever has (maybe?) kicked in with Fray's TPB as I see it on Amazon from $49 - $200 (!).
*whistles* I read it from the library. :)
Truly, the library is your friend. They even let you call dibs. But they call it "hold."
Karl Moline is back!!!!!! I'm so excited! WOOHOO!
For anybody who wishes to read Fray, has it in spades. Though, I'm quite sure Dark Horse is reprinting the whole thing.. let's see.. in July ?
Thank God I got Fray for my birthday last year. Can't believe it's gone out of print (temporarily, I'm sure).

And The Sandy Llama, I agree about Jeph Loeb. Well, I don't think he's bad necessarily...well, all right, Batman/Superman (except for #26) was bad. His other Batman stories were decent, I guess, but overall not that significant. But it's good to hear that he's only doing one issue, and who knows? It could be a real knock-out.
Oh god Kings is right.. Buffy sleeps with a girl rather then Xander :( Man I hope that's still on the cards at some point though.

You need to believe King! I know how to do this well being a Bangel shipper for so long ;) Maybe it would be different if Xander smooched her, or when Buffy realizes she's loves him. :p

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