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"Is my slayer too far gone to care?"
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March 06 2008

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy 8.13 "Wolves At The Gate" Part II. And just after a day after issue 12 coming out, Dark Horse gives us the preview for next month's. Spoilers for issue 12's "mysterious" guest star.

All this Buffy coverage in one day reminds of when the show was on the air. Feels kinda weird. But still gets us in shape for Dollhouse. Anyhow I'm dying to know if that's Dracula post-Antique. And how vain is Dracula? Growing his own beard. Blimey you just can't trust blokes that borrow money from other vampires.
Dracula changed, shaved, clipped his nails and dyed his hair in 15 minutes?
Well he is a shape shifter. Also metrosexual.
*brain explodes from Buffy overload*
That's the beauty... Buffy *is* on the air for all practical purposes.
Ah good point Simon. Who doesn't love a metrosexual vamp?

I think this could take place a few months after Antique, considering that last panel is Dracula transorming into an old man because Xander left.
I think Dracula has a glamour-thing going on with his own looks. Or at least I interpreted the sudden aging in appearance at the end of "Antique" as what happened when he was alone, and felt lonely, and dropped the illusion.
It sure looks post Antique, to me, Simon. Drac has the white hair + big beard, is complaining about how lonely he is. The first thought I had was that he must've just been sitting there complaining for months, since the Buffster kicked his can last time. Plus, the other slayers in Antique don't look as tightly honed in Antique as they do in Season 8. Indicates to me that Antique's fairly early in the Slayer organizational process. But, then, what do I know from timelines, eh?
Also, how far away is Dracula from getting all fruitpunchy-mouthed like the Master ? He's an oooold dude.

Yeah, the Buffy comic is getting more and more mainstream coverage as it progresses, and it could also have good repercussions in terms of future, new-medium interest. *cough, movie news in July, cough*
I love the balance of Buffy being lonely and Dracula being lonely. I can't wait to see them team up. Hopefully someone will come along shortly and say what I mean more eloquently.
Totally a sidenote, but when Butterfield mentions setting an Albanian boy loose in the hedge maze I started laughing out loud thinking of the Flight of the Conchords song "Albi the Racist Dragon".
Maybe the whole Buffy/Satsu thing is a complete misdirect to what will be the real story in a few months, that Xander will wake up naked with Dracula. It would be So. Very. Joss. for him to do that. I just had to go there. ;)
"Albi the Racist Dragon" is one of the funniest songs I've ever heard, zeitgeist. Thank you for reminding me of it.
And for all of you who, like me, had no idea what 'Albi the Racist Dragon' is, take a look at this youtube video. I like it :-).
I think the FOTC guys have been puffing the MAGIC dragon.
Still, you gotta love antipodean humour.

It feels like Hanukkah this week- all this shiny new Buffy goodness being brought forth every day.

And I'm not even Jewish!
Well, Xancula (or Drander, for equal opportunity) had way more foundations than Butsu. Plus, Xander is definitely hotter than that thing Butterfield.. what is it, an imp ?

And Butterfield=Cloverfield ?
Whatever Butterfield is, he looks like a tiny purple Peter Lorre.

Purple Peter Lorre Eater?

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Dracula here looks way better than on the show.

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