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March 06 2008

(SPOILER) Let's Fill Eliza Dushku's "Dollhouse". Cute casting ideas from

I get that it's AfterEllen", which markets itself for "lesbian and bisexual women", but would it have been too much to spend the four minutes extra punching up casting suggestions for Boyd, Paul, Topher, and Victor?

That said, I actually had thought about Angela Bassett, but something about the Adelle sides made me iffy about it. Joan Allen is awesome, but way out of reach I would think.
Those are some very... distracting pictures of Eliza. :)

Anyways, I think this probably needs a Spoiler tag.
I've said it before, and will no doubt say it again in the near future: Stephanie Romanov for Adelle!
No way is Helen Mirren too good to hope for. I mean it isn't like she turned down Her Majesty for dinner... oh wait...

I would really like to see L. Scott Caldwell get some more TV roles, I think she is an brilliant actor. I suppose she isn't exactly 40-something though...
Thanks for the tip, swanjun. And I agree, they are some very nice pictures!

I'm not sure about the choices, but I've noticed everyone seems to think of Nikki Blonsky for the heavier character.
There simply is not a wealth of well known young actresses in Hollywood who fall on the yellow side of the BMI chart. Miss Blonksy was charming in Hairspray, and I think that the description as a Tracy Turnblad type I have read in various places has made most people jump right for her.

I am very much of the opinion that I'd like to see many new faces.
While Stephanie Romanov would be great to see on TV again, the fact that I was considering her for a late twenties role rather than a 40-something role.

Anyway, I'm super excited for this show.
Ever since the announcement of what "Dollhouse" is, I've imagined Echo as that 2nd picture of Eliza. Very strange. I like the casting idea of the actress from Sin City.
I was thinking either Charles Shaughnessy or Kyle Maclachlan for Echo's "handler."


I so wish I could try out for this. Good luck at your audition, ShadyLane! Give us all the details when you get back, please and thank you!
Although this article is mainly about the casting of the female roles, the end of "The Wire" (really one of the best shows ever, in my opinion) has made me think about the casting of Boyd. I think that Clarke Peters (who played Lester Freamon on "The Wire") would be awesome as Echo's handler/father figure.
I think Morgan Freeman should play Wonder Woman.

And Ben should be Glory.
I like the idea of Devon Aoki, partially because I think she could be on equal footing with Eliza, as far as screen presence goes.
I may be merging my Joss love and my Drew Goddard love, but I think that Jessica Lucas could really work as Sierra. She played Lily in "Cloverfield" who was, over the three times I saw it in the theatre, my favorite character by far. Devon Aoki could be great, but she's kind of busy with all that fancasting as Satsu at the moment :)

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