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March 06 2008

Does your DVR ever make you late for work? EW Popwatch blogger Mandi Bierly uses Angel as an example of how her DVR made her late for work.

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That's an interesting question. That hasn't happened to me, because I'm smart to just stop the DVR, then go back to the beginning afterwards. I can say, though, that DVR's has managed to make me put off seeing shows I've recorded, just like VCR's, to th epoint you wonder when you'll have the time to catch up.
For one thing, I should get to those "Heroes" episodes I haven't seen in three months.....except college basketball is really getting interesting, and I haven't seen the "Terminator SCC" finale yet, and....
Well, you see what I mean....
No, her DVR did not make her late for work - she chose it as an excuse because she couldn't bothered to go to work - tsk tsk
what makes me late for work is I HAVE to check my email and my top fave site before I even get dressed-
coz of course I have to respond to said site and emails

ooppss gotta go
I don't have a DVR and only traffic delays me getting to work. But I liked her example, and on the mornings I have to get up at 4:45, I turn on Angel and half watch it as I get ready. I so wish it were on at 4 pm CST like it used to be. I am usually home by then and used to make it a point to be home when Angel was coming on. Then I would sit back with my feet up and just watch. And, of course, I have the DVD's, but I still like to watch it when its on. It's like I'm being loyal and the Neilson people should intuitively know I'm watching. We rotate the DVD player between Buffy, Angel, Bones, Dresden Files, and right now we are on the 4th Firefly disc. Now, I need to go get some breakfast.
Buying the DVD set might be cheaper in the long run than losing your job because you're spending the morning watching instead of going in to work.
There is an old maxim which I just made up that goes "Better 1 minute than 10 but 1 day than an hour" i.e. if you're actually an hour late (don't have flexitime or whatever) then just pull a Ferris and have the day off. I mean, what convincing lie reason can you give for being an hour late ? Whereas the ever reliable "dodgy pizza" handily explains an entire day (with the added bonus that you don't have to put on an ill voice). Or so i've been told ;).

(twenty minutes could be traffic, up to 5 could be trouble parking but an hour ?)
I mean, what convincing lie reason can you give for being an hour late ?

The cat knocked the alarm clock off the nightstand, which consequently did not go off, causing one to oversleep.

See, cats can be useful pets.
Well you would hear the cat knocking the alarm over and it would wake you up, so cats will not help you ;)
Having bought my first TiVo in 2004 & frequested the tivocommunty board since, there is a common realization, the longer you own a tivo the less TeeVee you watch.

stage 1; watch & are amazed
stage 2; season pass's up the wazoo
stage 3; watching TeeVee too much time
stage 4; oh, I can watch that later-
stage 5; a 1T external HD with *NO* room for another recording accompanied by fingers in the ears when ever someone is talking about what happened on _______ show last night (or last month).
I think if I had one i'd treat it like boxes when you move. They say that if you have possessions that have been in a box for more than 2 years then you don't need them and should ditch them when you next move (presumably not including Aunt Gerty's best china passed down the generations etc. ;).

Reckon i'd do the same with Tivoed shows. If you've had it 3 months and not watched, do you need to ?
adapa, those stages are too true! I actually watch more TV hours now, but practically nil live TV ~ I have zero patience for live TV now.

I got my first TiVo right before the finale of Buffy S7. It was my very first recording and it still holds place of sentimental honor on my "Now Playing" list. There are a few programs I never delete because I prefer to watch them via TiVo vs. DVD (my '8 second back' button is worn down on two remotes). I still have about half of the original broadcast episodes of AtS S5 ~ it seems to capture some of the excitement of viewing them the first time for me. Silly, I know.

I have 50 (fifty!) Season Passes currently and my most active unit has nearly 200 hours of TiVo'd programs on it to watch. I force myself to watch at least 1 additional hour of backlogged program for every new hour I record & watch. Many sleepless nights and snow days are happily spent viewing mini-marathons in order to delete them.

Contrary to what those reading this might think, I do have a job and a life, respectively ~ I just loves me my TiVo!
I've built MythTV boxes a few times, used TiVo and co-branded TiVo/DTV Satellite boxes (which I "altered" ahem to have more disk space) and now happily use a DTV developed Satellite receiver/DVR. The simplicity of TiVo is great, but I'm really digging the DTV developed box (an HR-20) at this point. Knowing how much disk space you have left is nice for one thing (also Boolean search and other geekiness) ;)

Back on topic, I have gone through periods where I've had enormous amounts of backlog, but I always catch up. There's an ebb and flow to all things so I always catch up.
There's something to watching 4 hours of Jericho back to back--- or multiple Sara conners. I have to draw the line at multiple 24's- I get way to jacked up to sleep.
I'm making my way through SG-Atlantis & hope to start on torchwood soon. Course I've got Rome & odyssey 5 DVD's to get through too.

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