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March 07 2008

Amber Benson and...Ron Jeremy? Amber and Ron co-star in One-Eyed Monster, a risque sci-fi comedy.

Also in the cast is Jeff Denton, who had played bit parts on both BtVS and AtS.

I changed the link to point to the actual page.
I really don't know if I could watch such a thing as a fake sex scene between that beauty and the hedgehog. I mean, I don't know that there is one, but movie about a porn set with Ron Jeremy, you tend to expect he's getting his softcore on.
Ouch! I think I just sprained an eyebrow...
Thanks, Caroline!

And KoC, I don't know if Amber's character has relations with anyone else in the film...heck, she might even be the alien who drops in to wreak havoc. ;)
Hmmm...reminds me of a certain panel from Issue #12! ;-)
Well, comparing Ron Jeremy to either Buffy or Satsu is a mortal sin in my book:-)
Is not Mr. Jeremy a renowned and respected celebrity today? ^^

Oh, I'm not basically against porn (I'm against humiliating and taking advantage of people which, as I heard; might happen during some porn productions), because if sex is right, the depiction of it can't be wrong, but, while I never saw a Ron Jeremy flick, I certainly don't want to see "my" Amber Benson in some sexed up part softcore movie.

Maybe he's the one eyed monster, and she's just shooting him, or chasing him away...
This seriously sounds like one of those softcore pornos on HBO.

Especially that cringe-inducing title.

Who? I mean...scary-looking guy, but...I'm as y'all are to other forms of...uh...entertainment.

And...anyone else get fuzzy versions when they tried to click the pictures larger? (Did that sound dirty to anyone else?)
Ron Jeremy's a smart guy with a healthy sense of humor about what he represents ... Sounds like a potential win to me, if the writing is any good.
The mind reels! Amber Benson and Ron Jeremy in the same photo and movie? Who'd have thought? LOL.

But I will give Ron Jeremy this- he has worked hard to be taken seriously, he has a healthy sense of humor about who he is, and his autobiography is a really fun read (yes, I read it; I'm always drawn to people on the fringe- and when Ron started in porn it was a whole lot more fringe than it is now). It seems he's the kind of guy you can't help but like.
This is a post from the IMDB page about it. Someone who saw it last night:

"Went with a friend who worked on it. Hilarioos! Adam Fields walks a very, very tricky line between over the top concept and practical application and everybody comes out covered in the goo of Krazy fun. The casting is perfect. The actors all step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. And Jeremy? Well, come on. It's Ron Jeremy! Congrats all and good luck."

Sounds like fun.
Something to check out, then. Will this be a direct to DVD thing, or will it be shown in theaters? What's the low-down on that?
*shudder* Ron Jeremy is one of the most disgusting things on the face of this earth.

First Stunt C*cks with James C Leary, now this. Obviously, Ron Jeremy is working his way through the Buffyverse.
Here's the plot synopsis: In February 2007, ten people went to the remote mountains of Northern California to shoot an adult movie. What happened next was something no one expected, but everyone saw coming. Amber Benson, Charles Napier, and Ron Jeremy star in an homage to "Alien", "The Thing", and porn.
Julesong--I thought Whedonesque was one of the last bastions of free speech and open exchange of ideas...calling him "a disgusting thing" is unacceptable. If you dont like him, tell us why you dont like him. I'm sure you are better than that.

And back on topic--I could totally see Ron being "the big bad" in season 9 or 10.
Guilt by association? I certainly hope not, not in this room. That porn star has been making a habit of appearing in any photo shoot he can find so I wouldn't read much in this.

BTW, doesn't Amber look wonderful?! Wish her well.
Yes, do please comment on what you don't like rather than punching the man in the stomach.
Amber looks amazing! But the news is slightly worrisome. I'm not sure that risque covers it, if the film is at the same (cough) level as Ron Jeremy's other work.
First Stunt C*cks with James C Leary, now this.

If this is half as funny as 'Stunt Cocks' then where do I pre-order ? That was frikkin' hilarious, especially the unasterisked version ;).

Could be good, i'm willing to give Amber's judgement the benefit of the doubt and i've seen Ron Jeremy interviewed before, seemed like a pretty funny, down-to-Earth guy. Course, it could so easily turn into 'Flesh Gordon II' ... Or what 'Flesh Gordon II' has been described to me as being like ... by a friend ... not even a friend really, more like an acquaintance ... barely that even. The video shop assistant in fact, yeah, that's it. And not my regular video shop either.
That 'cringe inducing title' actually cracked me up.

Ron Jeremy may very well be the total antithesis of what a male porn star should be, but obviously he's got 'something' (and not just in his pants) to have stayed so central to the industry over all these years. He's like a dodgy uncle who smells just a little bit funny, but has a gorgeous new girlfriend on his arm every time you see him.

This seriously sounds like something that I would watch. And Amber is a pretty smart cookie, so I'm sure she knows what she is doing.
Anybody figure out how to get a copy of this movie, please let Whedonesque know. My wallet wants to purchase the DVD! :)
Judging from the half-arms-length pose with Ron Jeremy, compared with when she hopped into the frame after hearing I was taking a picture of Doug Petrie for Whedon fans and squeezed close here, I doubt this was quite such a chummy set.
"nobody expected but everyone could see...." I can't even quote that...groan.

Charles Napier also has a skin flicks background, having been a Russ MEyer regular for years before selling himself as a cowboy or bureaucrat. (In Beyond the Valley of the Dolls he marries Phyllis Elizabeth Davis !!)
For my part, I'm just glad that Veronica Hart and Ron Jeremy are involved with Amber Benson in a sweet, delicate film instead of making the kind of hard core pornography that they made in the 1970s.
I don't knonw whether to hide or look closer. On one hand I love Amber and anything she does usually has a certain class to it. I'm kinda of Neutral about Ron Jeremy. But the fact they are in a project together is equally terrifying and curiousity provoking for me. ((shrug))

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