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March 07 2008

Production on Dollhouse pilot to begin on April 23rd. has some lovely little snippets of info from a Q&A session with Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft.

This makes me ridiculously happy.
I believe I am correct in saying the production offices open next week. I think. Mutant Enemy = back. Also, that site has finally broken the unofficial fandom silence on spoilers which was going on, looking at it.
Jeez, I'll actually go back to watching a show in real time again?

This has made me so very, very excited. It has been too long since a Josswork was on the air.
Damn, I just realised I'm not going to see it for over a year. One of the downsides of living in Spain. Even if my Spanish was good enough and they did show it on tv here I'd never watch a dubbed show, which, more than likely, it would be. So I have to wait til the (inevitable) DVD release. And avoid spoilers til long after they're considered spoilers.

(other option of course, assuming I get a better net connection, is to download it).

Actually, what do other non-Americans do in these situations?
Wow, production starts on Shakespeare's (official but not actual) birthday, mere coincidence ?

Yay, that's awesome.

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Saje, that's the most obscure spot of the year award in the bag for you, my friend.
Removed myself for stupidity.

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thricewise, that'll get removed for copyright reasons.
I was having an incredibly crappy day, but reading this made me smile :)
Most obscure carbuncle is still up for grabs though gossi, so everything still to play for.
Shelled- I find Television Without Pity to be the best way to keep up with recently screened shows.
It describes the plot and events (snarks) pretty thoroughly and quickly after the original US airdate.AND it doesn't break copyright laws. However, BYO sarcasm meter required!
Can't wait!!! You guys have no idea how excited I am about this show. It will be so wonderful to fall in love all over again. I'm moving away from all of my friends in August, and I'm so happy I'll have Joss's vision and you guys to keep me company. Oh, and a newborn too. I guess if production is starting so soon, we'll be hearing about casting soon as well! Makes me happy :)
I think I know how excited you are. And thank goodness other people are looking forward to this as an exciting major event because otherwise I would feel, you know, like a crazy person.

ETA: Well, I wasn't quite sure what a carbuncle was, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Yuck. Thanks for that image, Saje.

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I am psyched, stoked, excited, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Add me to the crowd of excitedness. And being an interior design freak, can I say I'm very giddy that Joss is personally supervising the sets ? I'm imagining a mix between Nip/Tuck's cold and acid colours with an Art Nouveau frilliness.
Woot, I'm so excited. Welcome back, Mutant Enemy!
All these very excited people and yet nobody's been over to the Awesome Super Very Excited Club in ages. Is it me? It's me, isn't it?
I heard you needed a special badge to get in there, cabri.
So the show will have been completely cast in six or seven weeks? Is that SOP for network shows? It seems fast.
Is anyone else dancing like me? Joss is returning!! Dancing on pins and needles here, just can't wait to visit "Dollhouse".
If "Jericho" doesn't get renewed and this is known during casting (how far in advance will casting be locked in for this production date?), I suddenly really, really want Lennie James (Hawkins) to play Boyd.
Yay-hope we get some cast pics soon
KoC, from the ratings it is getting, it seems pretty obvious that Jericho will not be renewed. I could be wrong.
So would you be feeling the Lennie James thing? Honestly, he's the best part of that show, and Boyd actually sounds a bit like a more introspective Hawkins.
I would love to see Lennie James as Boyd. I agree he is the best part of Jericho, although I think Major Beck is awesome.
Jericho will be cancelled, almost certainly, as the viewing figures continue to disappear to oblivion. Casting is a long, long process and very complicated in terms of offers. They will almost certainly be looking for fresh faces and not making offers to people for a majority of the roles.

I'd imagine when the casting is unveiled there will be a lot of pissing and moaning online from people saying "Who are these people? Why isn't Xxx sci-fi star in it?". Or maybe not, I've no idea. I don't know if that happened with Firefly or not.

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I didn't have any thought or second-guessing to "Firefly" casting. I was made more interested by knowing Rebecca Gayheart would be in it, but in retrospect, basically fantastic news that it didn't work out.

I'm not going to whine about Dollhouse casting... I do kind of geekily hope that all our ideas on this site will make Joss at least say "y'know, we really should at least see if ______ might want to read for it, that's not a bad suggestion".
I don't really have any emotional attachment to who gets cast in Dollhouse. I do think that Echo should be played by Eliza Dushku. After that, I just will wait and see what Joss does and then watch the Interweb tell him how much he screwed up, then watch the Interweb take it all back when it is retrospectively seen as brilliant.
I do think that Echo should be played by Eliza Dushku.

Them's fightin' words!
Well, I mean it! If Eliza doesn't get the role I am never watching any Joss show ever again.

Ok, too far?
I think Eliza (as a co-Producer) has some say about who is cast. ;)
I'm very excited about this show, and as much as I would love to see Alexis Denisoff in it, I'm confident that I'll fall in love with all the characters/actors.
Most obscure carbuncle is still up for grabs though gossi, so everything still to play for.

I have a really bad rash, does that count?

I never wanted spoilers when the previous Whedon shows were on, but now I want information as soon as available - don't care where it comes from or what points it might spoil. Hmmm.
Whoa! Joss, better make that pilot good, lot of expectant fans here. Please break a leg.
The pilot starts filming on April 23rd? I hope they have an ace casting director besides Joss sitting in on auditions. I know zero about how these things are accomplished on a tight timeline but hope they've left enough time to find the right actors for the main roles. I hope you all have invested in smelling salts and/or a crash cart for when the cast is announced.... :>)
I think we're all missing the big picture here. What really matters is how will Whedonesque manage to fit another five or six actors headshots across the top of the page?
Do I need to get a widescreen monitor?
That is a really tight window for auditions and casting. Not that I don't have total faith in Joss and Eliza and company. In fact, something about the rapid pace feels like a good omen.
Room for new headshots aside. :-)

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