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March 07 2008

Art for "Angel: After The Fall #1 - The Director's Cut". Cover art by Alex Garner.

Now for pre-sale at TFAW, this bulked up comic will include Brian Lynch's original script and a page-by-page commentary on the issue.

My first post!
That's nice artwork. The thumbnail looks a little like Nathan Fillion. But it looks very "Angelus".
It totally looks Angelus. But skinny Buffy Season 2 Angelus. not puffy Season 4 Angelus.
Oh I like that cover and I just had to order this.
Angelus takes a day trip to Jurassic Park?

See, WE know that's Angel with his pet dragon, but I'd hate for others to get confused.

Still, ordered and gratefully added to the collection.
Is this the first issue with extra pages?
Yes, it is Xerox. Though Shadow Puppets or Asylum, probably Asylum had a Director's Cut printing as well.

Tsk tsk, Angel didn't have a red shirt that night. And he certainly didn't have time to change. Nitpick!
Very classy cover. I'll definitely be buying this.
My first post!

Cool. It's nice to see the newcomers posting to the front page.
I really like that cover.Not an exact likeness I'll grant you, but I love the idea behind it.

Realy glad IDW are releasing this.Brian's notes and descriptions are always hilarious!
Mmm, what salty goodness. This is gorgeous!
This should be great. Brian's comments in the Spike series were hilarious!
But I'm really not seeing Angel in that picture. It DOES look more like Nathan Fillion.
Will there be another choice of covers does anyone know?
I just adore this.

I really love how th image is 'lit' if you get my drift. Very atmospheric.
Brian mentioned on podcasts that he originally wanted the big reveal right there in Chapter 1. So, is this version going to be *that*, like "this is the version that in no way fits with the published story", the way that Tim Kring did with the "Heroes" pilot director's cut on the DVD set, or is this "director's cut" from a point after the decision to push that reveal back had already been made?
I think this is the script for the final version which we saw.Not sure if there is going to be extra art or anything.

I think the 'Directors Cut' is misleading,as there wont be any extra pages of art in the issue as far as I know. It's more a 'writers commentary' and 'special features' issue:)
I never understood why people call them "directors cut" for that very reason, angeliclestat. It is the original issue, but with the script included and notes from me.

I just finished the notes this week, and they're definitely less light-hearted than the ASYLUM and PUPPETS notes, only because I had so much info I wanted to share. ATF #1 went through so many changes, big and small, and I wanted to make sure it was all in there.

It's dense. Hope you guys like.

And that cover is gorgeous, no?
Thanks for the clarification, Brian. The cover looks fantastic. Last year, Joss and Dark Horse gave us a preview for Issue #3 that included viewing the script for those pages, and ever since, I've been hoping to get more insight like that. Very glad you're giving it to us for an entire issue.
It'll be a really cool comic to have, that's for sure. It's all in there. We didn't edit anything out of the script, it's the exact document Franco read. And while writing the notes it occurred to me how many incarnations this script went through, and all those changes are documented pretty extensively too.
Well, I wasn't planning on getting this, but now I am. Definitely want to read those notes.
[You're such a convincing salesman, Brian!]
Planning to buy too. Oh, and Brian, do you have any juicy tidbits about the TPB ? Any extras ?
Ya I hope there are some nice extras in the TPB. I have a feeling there will be.

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