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March 07 2008

Brett Matthews talks "Serenity: Better Days". The writer discusses how the mini series came about. If you know the general premise, nothing spoilery, but a loose confirmation of when the three-issue story takes place. With some previously released preview pages.

I'm guessing it's before "Those Left Behind."

Still some talk about a Book-centered tale forthcoming. And an interesting tidbit about the original conception of "Those Left Behind" that I'd never heard of before.

Wow, I didn't know it was coming out in FIVE DAYS. My God.

Also, yeah, the anime thing was majorly interesting. And I think I might've preferred it in that form, because I imagine that involved having our crew voice themselves. But I enjoyed the comic as-was, so I guess it's all right that it didn't turn out that way.
If it's about the crew making a big score, I bet this is where they'll toss in a panel where they splurge on a new flying mule ;)
When I went to grab the oh-so-shocking (end weary sarcasm) Buffy #12 on Wednesday, I asked the dude there to add "Better Days" to my pull list...
I'm assuming Joss provides the story and Brett writes it. Like what happened with Those Left Behind and After The Fall.
I was wondering if this comic (and others to follow, we can hope!) will have to skirt the same licensing restrictions as other "Serenity" branded stuff ... in particular, not being able to use TV-series specific characters like Saffron, Badger, Niska, etc. I'm sure they have a fine story to tell either way and I'll be lining up with cash in hand eager for it ... just curious if we can count on never/ever seeing those characters again, if the licensing split has been ironed out (or even can be)?
Well, the Blue Hands Guys and the Fed were in "Those Left Behind."
And also Badger.
Good points. That's encouraging.

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