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March 07 2008

(SPOILER) Anthony Head is royal! Anthony has a new role in a BBC series! (Please note - this link goes directly to his news page; this is about 1/4 down the page)

Anthony will be playing Uther Pendragon, the father of Arthur, in the new series "Merlin," based on the early life of the wizard.

Busy, busy man, our Tony.

Yay, more Tony!

I saw Billy Ivory a couple of days ago. He said Desperados is going to be on BBC1, Saturday, 8pm so I assumed this weekend and was disappointed when I couldn't find which Saturday! (in fact next Saturday it's the latest musical show)

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Go Tony!!
It's going to be great seeing Tony on my TV again.
Uther Pendrage! Wow, quite a badass role for ASH. Cool!
Congrats, Tony! Looking forward to it (may have to catch it on the DVD release through). Best of wishes!
A combination of two of my favorite things: Arthurian legend and a representative from my Buffy cast!

I hope this series is based on Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy and that it's better than the Merlin made-for-TV movie starring Sam Neill. The thing had a great cast, but it just wasn't any good.
Lirazel Is that the one with The Crystal Cave? I borrowed those books from my mother years ago - can't remember if I read all of them, but I did like them.

A couple years ago Tony & his family attended a...oh, what's the proper term? commitment ceremony for one of his Little Britain costars - everyone who went dressed up. Here's Tony and his girls.

When things like this happen I truly hate being broke; I'll never get to see this series, because I don't have cable or dish.

But best of luck to him. He sure is getting a lot of work lately. Good on ya, Tone!

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Thank you for that link, ShadowQuest.
ShadowQuest, yes, it is. They're lovely books, very well-written and powerful. Definitely some of the best Arthurian adaptations I've ever read.

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Madhatter You're very welcome. He certainly is a busy man; just wish those of us over on this side of the Pond could get to see him doing something new. (Well, those of us w/out dish, cable or DSL, that is.) I was actually kinda hoping ABC would look back through their archives and realize that the unaired pilot for "Him & Us" was comic gold & decide to turn it into a series. I mean, Tony as a retired gay rock star is TONS funnier than insurance cavemen.

Lirazel I'll have to borrow them again, after I finish Sue Harrison's series - I just started "Mother Earth, Father Sky" again.

Have you read "Mists of Avalon"?
I have, and I have complicated feelings about it. Well-written, of course, but I don't actually *like* any of the characters. I like Rosemary Sutcliffe's "Sword at Sunset" far better. And "The Once and Future King," of course.
My copy of The Crystal Cave is held together by tape. It was printed in 1971 and cost $1.25...

I have read a mutitude of versions of the Arthur/Merlin story and this (along with the two sequels) is my absolute favorite.
The only Mary Stewart Camelot book I was able to finish was the Wicked Day.

Well, in a variation of how audiences shout when they want to praise the playwright, let me just say "Uther! Uther!"

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