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March 09 2008

More from Brett Matthews on 'Serenity: Better Days'. has a top notch interview with Brett about the upcoming Serenity mini-series. There's some nice insights into the 'Verse and indeed the fandom as well.

Did Joss really map out Firefly to a seventh season ? Don't remember ever reading it from an interview with His Purpleness.

Brett sounds competent and enthusiastic enough to be handed an ongoing Firefly book, I'm sure Dark Horse wouldn't have a problem with that. Joss, pretty please ?
I don't believe there was ever a full seven year plan for Firefly. When you pitch something the network will want a rough idea of how you plan to keep the franchise alive for 7 years (or more), but I doubt they got down to any great level of detail.
I heard something like that in an interview but I can't remember where... it wouldn't surprise me at all if Joss had a rough plan for up to seven seasons of Firefly, I doubt he would voice this to anyone (except Tim Minear perhaps), but a skeleton, like where he wanted the plot and characters to be in 7 years time sounds very much like him.

Does anyone have figures of how well the DVD sales are still doing? Like HD, collectors edition and all the other incarnations... I reckon there is still hope for a sequel, and I think that is why Joss isn't trying to write a continuing comic series yet; he keeps on writing about this interregnum between the series and the film, until all hope is dead for the series to return to whatever screen I don't think he will create a comic continuation.

Is there going to be a Blu-ray edition btw?
Maybe Vortigun, but I cant help thinking that if he holds out for too long then the monthly series will never happen.

I would love to buy a monthly Serenity comic. Part of my even thought why bother buying better days when its just a 3 parter that may not go anywhere and may not lead to anymore.

So unless there is a real chance of a live action Serenity sequel or whatever...then comics would be the place to keep these characters alive. Its worked for Angel and Buffy...
Joss also has a TV series in the works, which is going to need all his time and attention, the Buffy comic, the Angel comic, a few kids, a wife, a family.. I can see why he isn't diving into Fireflyworld again. Right now. I think he's kinda going to be suffering the whole crushing thing of televisual entertainment right now.

That said, I suspect the Book comic thing will happen at some point since it's been disclosed. Joss always said he would spill the beans on Book's history if a sequel was out the window, so make of that what you will.

Also, Serenity (and Firefly) on Blu-Ray? I hear yep. Should see both this year.
"Joss also has a TV series in the works, which is going to need all his time and attention, the Buffy comic, the Angel comic, a few kids, a wife, a family.. I can see why he isn't diving into Fireflyworld again"

That's no excuse!!! :)
We'll still probably get the odd miniseries once or twice a year, if this continues to be the m.o. with Dark Horse in regards to the Sereniflyverse. Which is not bad, but could be better. Could very well be their second most profitable franchise, more than Star Wars. But I agree Joss needs to stay tight and not spread himself too thin. Dollhouse is top priority right now, and from the interviews about AXM and Runaways runs' ends, looks like he doesn't wanna take on any more comic committments than he already has.

*BKV, take that Faith/Giles spinoff and run with it!*
Oh yeah, and the Clem spinoff!

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