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March 09 2008

Chiwitel Ejiofor wins Best Actor. Our favourite Operative carried off the best actor Olivier award (for London stage performances) for his stunning interpretation of Othello.

He beat Gandalf (OK, Ian McKellen), The Master (John Simm) and Mark Rylance to win the top prize.

Congrats to Mr. Ejiofor. Well done!
Somehow this doesn't surprise me at all. Wish I could've seen the performance.

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Such a deserving actor. Wish I could have seen his performance.

Double yay! This makes it two in the past month, since he won an Independent Spirit Award for "Talk To Me".
I'm sure his Othello will be seen in a larger stage before long.
Gill, if you mean The Master in Buffy season 1, that was Mark Medcalf. But maybe it's a Doctor Who reference. I wouldn't know.

As for Mr. Ejiofor's award, Whedonesque theater critic most supreme Joss Whedon gave this on his performance.
Seeing as he's definitely on my Top-5 list of favorite actors alive, I'm so incredibly pleased for him. I know he deserves it. What I wouldn't give to see him as Othello....
I am not surprised by this at all. I am sad that I am not a fraking millionaire and could not fly myself and a group of fellow Browncoats out to see this. I am very much into Shakespeare and just knew this was a once in a lifetime thing. Following his work and seeing what else he has done, I knew I was missing something very special.

If we are lucky, mayhaps they'll do a screen version. Sweet.
I wish I could have seen him on stage. Congratulations, Mr. Ejiofor!
dreamlogic, it's a Doctor Who reference.
Great news, I can only imagine how wonderful our marvelous Mr. Ejiofor must have been .... with a little help from Joss, thanks for that link,dreamlogic, I missed that one.
And with Ian McKellen in the running, no less.
Dreamlogic, John Simm played the latest incarnation of The Master in Dr Who last summer; this is a character who has been recurring since the late 1960s. He's an outstanding actor - Chiwitel was in awesome company, which makes his achievement all the more impressive.
This is great news. He's an amazing actor and I'd love to see him do a cameo in Dollhouse.
Congratulations, Mr. Ejiofor! I'd like to see your performance.

Like many here I'm very much into Shakespeare.Last year I tried to perform Othello during a workshop - a hard thing to do. It's terryfing and terrific, how acurately Shakespeare depicted the psychology of a murderer, that rank control freak, who late in a life of hardship found a love, but was unable to trust in it. It's astounding to see, how Shakespeare saw a fourhundred years before Bruce Perry, how the origins of destructive behaviour are to be found in one persons upbringing. Othello was a social climber, a man of loyalty, a warrior, a stoic even when facing racism, and he was an emotionally scarred, devastated man, who blamed his wife, without realizing it, for his own insecurity coming from a lack of love. At least this is, what I read between the lines of the play.

By the way, it's a drama which happens, in variations, again and again in reality. The O.J. Simpson scenario is only a very similar one which received big media coverage.

It's a pity that I lack the bucks to fly over to London to see the play. :,)

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Wow...Congratulations Mr. Ejiofor on your prestigious award. Well deserved I'm sure.
Well deserved. He's a really, really good actor.
I was lucky enough to see the show twice and he was amazing. The entire cast was fabulous but Chiwetel absolutely blew everyone else off the stage.
An amazing actor... he really deserves the recognition.
Many congratulations!
Nice link Caroline. And I see our own Zach's Mind weighs in with an appropriate response!
Congratulations to Chiwetel!

And I see that Rory Kinnear, who was in my GCSE Drama class at school, has won the Olivier for Best Performance in a Supporting Role. I totally have to see him on stage now. And see Chiwetel Ejiofor on stage too.

P.S. Rory's award was presented by Alan Dale, who for Brits of my age will forever be Jim Robinson from Neighbours. But wait, there's a Whedonverse connection here - Dale is currently playing King Arthur in Spamalot in London, and Alan Tudyk was in the New York production.

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