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March 10 2008

Nathan Fillion Signed Serenity: Better Days Comics for Charity! Nathan only signed 250 of them. $25.00 SOLD OUT! Help promote literacy!

I would have posted sooner once I got the myspace bulletin from Kids Need to Read, but I had to order mine. Hmmm, keep it for myself or give it away at a 2008 Charity Serenity screening...

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Wow, this is great. I just bought two - I'll give one to my brother for his birthday, he's also a big flan.

And this charity is even created in part by Nathan Fillion. Very cool, and admirable as well.
Thanks Anonymous1 for the good idea. I just picked one up for our screening in Minneapolis.
Sweet. Thank you for posting this.
Done! Only 113 left tho... :^o
Got mine only 89 left!!
I got mine...
Got mine, sweet deal.
Yay! Got mine!!
Wow! I just bought mine, and there were only 20 left when did it, so everyone should hurry!
Wow! Down to 17!
Got one for our screening in Toronto. Now I'm just waiting to hear how much I am dinged for postage to Canada.
I am waiting for Canadian shipping costs too. And there are only 7 left!
ha ha ha, $18 for shipping! Damn Nathan, I must luvers you!
That is insane! It doesn't cost that much! I have stuff sent to me from the States all the time!
5 left! Whoo-hoo! And they set the end time to End time: Mar-18-08 20:05:48 PDT. LOL!
yeah, he is shipping like super premium express with like gold bells and a singing telegram!
Whoo-hoo again! SOLD OUT!

I hope the sales of the unsigned Serenity: Better Days #1 go just as well on Wednesday!
of course they will, because I certainly can't read the one I just spent so much money on. Now I am super excited.

I hope the signed one comes in plastic with a backing board. Then I won't even have to touch it.
well, it's for least that's how I will try to explain it to my frugal self (who is trying to save to go to the browncoat ball)

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