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March 10 2008

Thrice Mentioned Whedon in this week's "Lying in the Gutters." We're called "fanboygirls" from the man who made the biggest noise over Buffy #12 in previous installments of his Comic Book Resources column. Also what Australians are paying on eBay and there's some "Wonder Woman" fallout as well.

Wonder if he really knew the contents of "Wolves at the Gate" part 1?

Joss should write all comic books. (except Powers)

(btw--Did you guys see that blurb about some DC guys wanting to incorporate The Watchmen into the multiverse? Sweet idea! That would have been totally awesome...for about a minute. There's no way they could write those characters without messing it up.)
No, I don't think so. He was strongly leaning towards a return of Oz. But he surely upped the anticipation.

Still smarting over Joss' lack of Wonder-ness, btw, and seeing snippets of other people's scripts make me a lil' bit angrier.
Perhaps not "deserving" of another thread, has anyone seen the Vanity Fair with Summer Glau? It's nice she has found wider fame as a Terminator, but: a.) she puts her good looks down; b.) Angel is called a "tween" show; c.) No mention of River Tam. And none of those things surprise me.

Sorry to change the subject of my own post!

But my first reaction to the topic at hand was, "I don't think it's the fans of Joss that are trying to make an inflated buck."

Also, was anyone else asked by the comic clerk if you were just buying the issue for the lesbian scene? I said, "no, I've been a fan for 11 years, thank you."

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It surprises me that Vanity Fair even acknowledges the existence of Angel, asking for some Firefly awareness is really out of the realm of reality:-)
Any Australian paying that deserves to smeared in vegemite and mobbed by rampant wombats! I paid AUS$5.80 for mine and the guy behind the counter said that demand for #12 was no higher or lower than usual - just another issue.
Wait, Summer doesn't think she's pretty (or, at least, Hollywood-uber-pretty)? *Hugs Summer*

My local comic store had a *ton* of 8.12s come in, I'll ask them when I go in on Wednesday for "Serenity" if it moved more than other issues.
quote CaptainB: "Also, was anyone else asked by the comic clerk if you were just buying the issue for the lesbian scene?"

Yes. I innocently said: "What lesbian scene?", and took my purchase without another word.
Wait, Summer doesn't think she's pretty (or, at least, Hollywood-uber-pretty)? *Hugs Summer*

Is that one of GVH's world's most enjoyable hugs?

Also, yeah, any Aussies buying the comic on Ebay are suckers.
My comic book store owner didn't say anything like that to me, but of course I was just buying my two copies (both covers) just as I have done for the last year. I would have been annoyed if he HAD said anything since I was completely unspoiled.
*snickers at nosey clerks*

I wouldn't mind going to pick up the next ANGEL:ATF issue and being ask if I was buying it for the gay vamp scene. I might tear it open at the spot, but I wouldn't mind at all ;)
Brian could write an Angel:Except That One Time prequel. I suspect IDW would have an all-time No. 1 on their hands.
Does the headline mean to imply that Joss is a "Thricewise"?

Cuz, you know...


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