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March 11 2008

Chris Ryall hints at two new Brian Lynch series. IDW's editor previews cover art for Everybody's Dead and announces Brian will start two "somethings".. could one be an Angel continuation ? Meanwhile over at his Myspace blog, Brian gives an update on the writing progress for Angel: After The Fall.

Please let one of them be another Spike story - I loved both Asylum and Shadow Puppets.

*crosses fingers*
Hear, hear!

Brain does know how to write Spike.
I wonder, would a new Spike miniseries be canon now ? Even with Betta George canonized and whatnot, unless Joss stamps his purple seal on it, I'm going with no.

I'd vastly prefer a new Angel arc after After The Fall, though..
Angel: Having Gotten Up Again? :D
'Angel: Checking to See if He Sprained Anything' ?

I also think IDW will carry on pretty much as they were before unless Joss approves the stories etc. (which he may, now that they have a working relationship). Previous stories weren't canon but 'Asylum' and 'Shadow Puppets' at least were brilliant anyway (IMO), well worth checking out.

Checking out "Everybody's Dead" a) because it's Lynch and he and funny make great (if still strange ;) bed-fellows and b) based on the tagline from the adverts ("They're the last people on Earth who should be the last people on Earth..." ;). Yes, I am a simple and shallow creature ;).

(hopefully it'll be easier to get hold of than IDW's 'Doctor Who' though which puts both hen's teeth and rocking horse shit to shame in the rarity stakes. eBay may be required)
I love love a "canon" Spike series. Next best thing to a Spike movie.
Saje, IDW's printing policy seriously leaves something to be desired, when it comes to Angel at least. I suspect the sales figures would be even higher if they circulated it better. I buy on eBay, and they regularly underprint or ship late, as far as my seller tells me.
I would love it was the announcement of another Angel series. Although at this early stage (not even halfway through After the Fall) I would be surprised if anything would be announced yet. Although I do have a feeling that we will be getting more after AtF. Its been such a success, and I think Joss would be happy to endorse it,and even co-write it like AtF.
Perhaps one of the 'somethings' will be that Brian's writing Buffy Season 8 #30?

We can only hope. AND sacrifice our offspring.

N-B Mirage called him 'Brain'- he he!
Ooh, Brain ( ;) doing an issue of Buffy would rule, i'd love to see him get a chance to do all the character's voices. Or something like a double sized anthology issue with various authors and artists doing stories.

... and I think Joss would be happy to endorse it,and even co-write it like AtF.

Or even just write it full stop ? Not that i've any problems with Brian and Joss co-plotting but a fully Joss project would also be brilliant (though I don't really see it, what with 'Dollhouse' ramping up).

Yeah, I got a bit lackadaisical with 'Spike: Asylum' Perseo, never had any problems getting it and just assumed the rest would be like that. Then 'Shadow Puppets' I had to order issues 3 and 4 from eBay (which means I miss all the discussion) and a couple of times i've picked up the very last copy of 'Angel: After the Fall' (don't bother with a pull-list because I like to keep track of how much i'm spending and up to now i've had three local comic shops to choose from and no problems - normally - getting stuff). Clearly, word has spread ;).
Yeah, I'd sacrifice to various hellgods to have Joss on pen duty on Angel too, but Eliza's show will have him all for a while, I think.

Well, I live in Europe and I buy from the UK, and for issue 4, for instance, they got it a week later because IDW didn't get the comics to the shipping point in time. It's one of the little things that differ Dark Horse from IDW, I guess, being a bigger publisher.
"Yeah, I'd sacrifice to various hellgods to have Joss on pen duty on Angel too"

I don't know. A one-shot maybe. I just felt that other people (Greenwalt,Minear,DeKnight and now Lynch) "got" Angel better. Any of the episodes Joss did were the "special" ones (Waiting in the Wings,Spin the Bottle,A Hole in the World etc), and when it came down to writing an episode of Angel, a 'normal' one - I just don't think he suited it.

And I know I know he created the character and co created the show. But Minears vision changed all that in Season2 and the other writers that came on board really ran with that. Like Lynch is doing.
one is part of an existing license we currently hold, and the other is an all-new property for us to take on

What a tease that guy is.
Brian (or "Brain") has earned a new fan in me. After reading the two Spike books & AtF, I'll check out anything he writes. Because I too love the funny. But it's hard enough trying to keep up with Joss & BKV comics, I really don't need anymore "must read" writers. Darn you, Brian!
I guess these two 'somethings' are IDW related? I guess that means they can't be a Giles/Faith spinoff? :(
Apart from what I said earlier, I don't think this is going to be Angel or Whedon related at all. As much as I would like that.
I would love another Spike centric series from Lynch.
And I for one am very happy with Lynch writing Angel and Joss writing Buffy.
Lynch and Angel are the perfect combination.

I still haven't gotten my Angel #4 yet though. My local shop told me they sold out on the first day. I asked them how many they got in expecting them to say five and they told me 75-100.
Are they lying?

Anyway, I have been able to go to the one in Universal yet so I am pretty irritated as usual. Still, after reading some stuff that Scott Allie said I am happy that Angel is with IDW, difficulty in getting the comic notwithstanding.
That may include standing orders Xane (if the shop orders 75 and 65 people have it on their pull-list then that only leaves 10 to go on the shelves).

I sort of see what folk're getting at re: Joss/Angel but he did write "Sanctuary" and "Not Fade Away" and 2 more "Angelish" 'Angel' episodes are hard to imagine IMO so I reckon he gets the world and its characters pretty well. Interesting though that of the 7 Angel eps he's directly credited with writing, 2 feature the characters not being "themselves" for the most part, hadn't noticed that before.
Joss did tend to write the "outstanding" episodes on Angel, but outstanding really they were. His tenure on the show was pretty much the one he has on the comic now, so just to keep the comparison going, he should write at least the major event in the storyline. Just to try his hand at those characters again. Said that, outside of the former ME writers, Lynch is definitely the guy to entrust that world with.
Please let it be a Spike series. I don't care if it's canon or not, Brian does a great Spike.
I read somewhere that he was going to write the "The Sims" movie. Has anyone else heard this?
Yessir, I'm actually writing THE SIMS movie as we speak...
I know I will say this more in the future, but I think it's awesome that so many of creative teams behind the Whedonverse come here and answer our questions. That's why I love this place.
Yep, that and the free pie.
I keep hearing rumors of this "free pie" but have yet to see said pie. I'm starting to feel a little resentful towards pie.
I think you're just feeling resentful in general, but you've fallen into the trap of blaming pie. I knew I could work in a paraphrased Coupling reference if I tried hard enough ;)
Brian, Brian, Brian! *wonders if now she said his name correctly three times he will appear and do her bidding*

But you know, it could have been a Freudian finger slip. He is the “brain” behind this operation after all :D

And now I have the theme song to Pinky and the Brain running through my head.

I think I’ll call him Brain from now on *coins the name* … ... to take over the world *eats her pie* it’s apple… ;)

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Welcome Brian, certainly looking forward to your work! Can't wait.
SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL 4issue mini series!!!!!!
Which is pretty much the best of both worlds. Woot ;).

Hate to be the one to ask but, given that it's spun from a canon story, will it be canon ? Is Joss involved at all ? Is it possible to be more excited ?
Started a new thread for this -hope thats ok...I think it's good enough news to warrent it:)

Yay...another comic to add to my monthly pile. And Illyria teamed with Spike! God I love comics:)

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