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March 11 2008

(SPOILER) Fractal Matter gives an advance review of Serenity: Better Days #1. A very positive review from Fractal Matter.

"The beauty of Whedon’s work is that it serves really well as an untold story of his TV series Firefly and can serve as another prelude tale to the Serenity movie. "

Hmm, first Buffy/Satsu, now Kaylee/Wash. The surprises just keep on coming:)
Not any less surprising than Dr. Whedon turning in Mr. Weldon in mid-piece. That's a feat.
Kaylee's pining for Wash? What a huge spoiler! O.O
Maybe the reviewer meant Simon? But I like the Wash idea.
I hope Dark Horse ends up collecting these issues and releases them with Those Left Behind as a special regular sized tpb.
And sell the scripts as well, they'd make a great companion piece to the Serenity and Firefly volumes that Titan Books brought out.
That review was awash in errors and run-on sentences that didn't want to end like this one should but it still has some interesting insight and I am very glad that Mr. Weldon is returning us to this exciting world of space pirates so that's all.

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