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March 11 2008

Nathan Fillion's movie Trucker premieres at Tribeca Film Festival. - Scheduled screening dates now showing on the website

[ edited by Beth'll on 2008-03-13 21:46 ]

Yeah! I think the little theater that showed Waitress on Mother's Day last year does film festival things. Two hour drive to buy tickets on a Saturday and they were sold out. But Waitress came back.

Someday it will dawn on theater owners that people will drive long distances to see movies with Nathan Fillion in them.
I mean Whoo-hoo!
Trucker. Gotta love the title. I can't wait to get the hat.
So is anyone else hoping that Nathan Fillion comes to the premiere. And, hey, isn't the New York Comic Con a few days before that? :) One can dream!
Screening dates for Trucker at the festival are on the website now so anyone in the area - make sure you go along - there's an Audience Award so you can make a difference for our Captain's movie

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