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March 11 2008

Four Star Mary tour the UK. Four star Mary who provided the music for Dingoes Ate my Baby in Buffy and appeared in Restless, are currently touring the UK.

I hope this hasn't already been posted, but I felt like the band could use our support.

They played an awesome gig in Cambridge despite a poor turnout.
They're in Liverpool tomorrow. I'm almost tempted, for old times sakes...

Oh, Tad. What have you done to me, Tad?!
Go on Gossi you know you want to.
I'm going to the gig tomorrow.
Wow! They are playing at a small bar called Jabez Clegg in Manchester on Sunday! I am so there, it is like a 3 minute walk...

After a few minutes I found my membership card too, and I think the night should be free... now I just have to convince people to go, should be easy enough.

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Go Gossi go. If I were there I would go with you.
And typically no Scottish venues


That isn't a UK tour, it's an England tour.
Wow! They are playing at a small bar called Jabez Clegg in Manchester on Sunday!

I used to drink there back when I studied at Manchester Uni. Small world.
oh! it would be so awesome to see them live. have fun for me lucky people who are going
Gossi go and then give us a review ;)
Arghhh ... I walked past the Man on the Moon on Norfolk Street in Cambridge and saw that a band called Four Star Mary were playing that night and just thought, "What a bloody cheek! They can't call themselves that. That's the real name of Dingoes Ate My Baby."

It never even occurred to me that it was the real Four Star Mary. I would have loved to have seen them.
bring back george & bernie those guys rocked

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