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March 12 2008

The Guild won at the Greenlight Awards at SXSW. The Guild, starring Felicia Day (Vi on Buffy), won the On Networks Greenlight Award for best original production.

Big congrats to Felicia and crew. It's a great little show.

Here's an interview with Felicia and "zaboo"
Oh, good for them! Glad they're getting some recognition. There's also a link there to vote for The Guild in the Yahoo Video Awards. Bet we can whedonesque that vote. ;)
Awesome news!! And the interview is hilarious.

Unfortunatley, they're getting so much traffic now that both the and websites are offline due to bandwidth overload.

So in the meantime, here's the quick summary for those of you who are interested in checking it out.

  • The episodes can be seen on YouTube and iTunes

  • They's also a finalist for the Yahoo! Video awards. You can vote for it at

  • If you'd like to donate toward the production budget for more episodes, the PayPal address is [watch the guild at gmail dt com] (no spaces).

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Shiny! Congratulations!
I'm so pleased for them! Hurrah!
Congrats to the gang! Absolutely love that little show.
That's well-deserved - at least, on the strength of the Guild episodes. I have no idea what the quality of the competition was like, but I do urge everyone to check out Felicia's show. She's a great writer.
Well-deserved, indeed! While it helps to be an MMORPG refugee, I'm told its funny regardless (as I can only judge it from the perspective of one of said refugees I have to take other peoples word for it ;)).
Well, I've never done any online gaming - but, honestly, my AD&D experience from, let's see, about 30 years ago seems to do the trick for me. :-) It's all the same stuff, isn't it? Anyway, good writing and jokes are universal. Zabu's mom offering blintzes was priceless.
Yeah :) There's plenty of tie-in from AD&D, and 100% with on the blintzes; that was concentrated awesome!

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