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March 12 2008

Bid on signed teddy bears. Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin, James Marsters and David Boreanaz have signed the bears.

Lisa has posted a new set of 25 Teddy Bears for auction. Ron, Morena, James, David, and many many more have signed the bears. The monies go towards her breast cancer fundraising.

You can learn more about Lisa and past auctions at

Good lord - Marsters is blowing everyone out of the water! He's already up to $127.50 and some of the bears haven't even been bid on yet.
I might go in for the Ron Glass bear. It's still within my reach.
It will be interesting to see how high these go for in 9 days. I wish I could go for the James Marsters, but wow, if he's this far ahead already, I don't think I will have much of a chance. Go James!!!
This is a nice idea. I might go back in a few days, and if the prices aren't skyrocketing, I might attempt to buy one. Hm, being a student is no fun sometimes :-)
well ... some of them are skyrocketing ...
James Marsters ... $152.50
David Boreanaz ... $206.49

as of now ...
I was gonna bid on DBs ... but to rich for my blood ;)
Wow. James and David's teddies are kicking fluff butt! The only other person to reach 100 is Kristen Bell. But David and James passed the 300 mark!

David Boreanaz $305.00 (with 15 bids)
James Marsters $306.00 (with 32 bids)

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