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"I have a message for you from inside the Dollhouse."
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March 12 2008

Ten episodes of Buffy and Angel to sate your Dollhouse cravings. An intriguing concept from this new Dollhouse fan blog.

Nice find-that's a darn good list of episodes...

But wtf? Jeez, can't ANYONE spell Lindsey correctly?

I feel the same way about Angel's son.

You know, it's nice they pointed out which episodes that the "Dollhouse" writers penned, though. I hadn't realized that before.
That's a really neat site. Cheers for the link, Simon.

Also, excuse the self linking but I think this is relevant - me and Jackal heard three names of people who auditioned (or are auditioning) for DH.
I could see BSG's Billy as Victor.
I've created a new entry for those wanting to chat about gossi's news.
How can there already be fan sites of a show that doesn't exist? This is like 'Goners' all over again...
Firefly had fan sites before it existed. I mean, it had two (hey Kiba and Haken!), whereas this has - like - 10 and growing. Which people at Fox have noticed, absolutely definitely.

I think the point is people are looking forward to Dollhouse. If the show premieres and it's rubbish I'll hand my fan site over to somebody else.
Is the author calling Nate Dushku a "hat trick" or just hoping? He's only appeared in Angel, so he couldn't retroactively be cast in Buffy or Firefly.
Just wait until the Special Editions.
Still not sated.
Actually, I might just watch these episodes that were suggested... Can't wait for Dollhouse to begin.
Dollhouse fan blog? It hasn't aired yet, right? Or even been, um, cast?

I have total faith it will be awesome, too, I just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything.
Fansites usually go up the day a project is announced these days. I don't think the Dollhouse sites are at all unique.
I was thinking about that earlier, TamaraC. I took a look at a few of the Dollhouse sites and noticed they are templates - the owners have, like, loads of them, for all the new shows. Which is pretty strange. Although in fairness this particular blog is a labour of love - you can tell as they have actual content.
I guess my point is that it isn't really rocket science or expensive to start up a fansite. It can be (and often is) done overnight. I don't understand why anyone would be surprised at the existence of these sites at this early date (which really isn't early since it is 5 months after the announcement of the project).
Dollverse was, like, about 6 hours work to put together. Although it has taken a lot of time since then to get working properly and putting together the behind the scenes stuff (i.e. the content).

I think, personally, it's about being positive about something. I know Joss can write; I can know he can create; I know he can run a show and build it from nothing, and he's pretty good at all that. So? I'm there. I'm positive. I like being with other people who share that.
Right. It seems a no-brainer that the announcement of a new show from the purple guy would of course create buzz, websites, and all kinds of positivity. And I applaud people like you that can do stuff like that. I especially like the pretty pictures. :)
What does "What the fawesome" mean? I only recognize two of the three words . . . .
It's also not very much like Goners all over again. I think there were only really ever two active Goners fansites. There's already a sh*t-ton of Dollhouse sites.
Cool list, but i'm never gonna love Harm's Way.
It means:

person exclaims: What the f*ck?! AWESOME!!!

Duh ;)

In other news, is it possible that we need to re-watch Buffy/Angel eps to satisfy a craving for something we haven't had yet? I think we've reached a new high/low, depending on your perspective :)
I think we've reached a new high/low, depending on your perspective

I say both at once, like some sort of fandom ouroboros.
Brilliant reference, b!x.
:) Its funny you mention references cause I kept thinking of the Pigface album title A New High In Low.
It surprises me not one bit that there are already fansites. This is Joss, after all.

I flew into LA for the Starfury Serenity con the day word came out about Dollhouse. My hotel roommate told me about it, and I was giddy. The next day I went online and gossi was already promoting Dollverse, heh.
Great reminders of Eliza's mad acting skills. And I can forgive Craft and Fain for Harms Way, as they were also responsible for the excellent Underneath.
Yay team!
Y'all didn't like Harm's Way? Apparently I'm the odd man out...
Its funny you mention references cause I kept thinking of the Pigface album title A New High In Low.

Or as Anya and Xander once sang: "We could really raise the beam in making marriage a hell!"

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