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March 13 2008

Summer Glau will terminate again? According to the Hollywood Reporter "Fox executives like the creative product and thought the finale's performance last week was solid".

That's great news -- I found this show quietly addictive. I mean, it made me think Brian Austin Green is interesting. Plus, if we never find out why Cameron can eat or get a model number for her, the Terminator mythology is ruined.

Article also mentions that "Bones" is back, not sure if that had been posted.

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So, will we have a Terminator/Dollhouse night, or will they put them on separate nights?
How about bookending them around 24?

Actually, I want one of them to get paired with "House" -- "Dollhouse" would be great for that, because I'm sure FOX would come up with some quirky and catchy way to market the night as FOX's House Party Tuesday or something.

Doing the armchair network programming would be easier with a better feel for how much blowing up of stuff and running around will happen in an average "Dollhouse" :) With "Terminator", it's easy to say "pair it with '24'", because... blowing up stuff is what "Terminator" is all about.
How about bookending them around 24?

They certainly can't do that, because FOX primetime is only two hours long.

I'm sure FOX would come up with some quirky and catchy way to market the night as FOX's House Party Tuesday or something

Hah. They could also count on the idea of some not-paying-attention viewers thinking another episode of House is coming on.
There's no honor is ratings -- they could make the title logo look like "H O U S E" with a little tiny "d o l l" in between the letters if it meant the show would do the numbers "House" does. And have Hugh Laurie jump from set to set playing Boyd, for that matter.

Between "Terminator", "Dollhouse", and "Bones", I just hope they find spots on the schedule that show they expect these shows to be workhorses for them.

You could pair "Terminator" and "Dollhouse" and just show commercials of Summer Glau and Eliza Dushku standing there looking at the camera.
It's worth pointing out the show (SCC) still hasn't been picked up yet.
It's worth pointing out the show (SCC) still hasn't been picked up yet.

Yes, but the point of the link is that HR reports sources saying that it will be.
And yet still no official words from Fox. It's nice that HR reports sources say so, but I'll believe it when Fox tells us.
Yeah, still waiting for official word ... and hoping.
Well I've put a question mark at the end of the headline. Also if people do quote from an artice please put double speech marks around the text.
Thanks Simon, but it's Fox, so all rumors aside, we know nothing yet.
They'd be stupid to pull the plug on the show, but that's just me.
If Fox behaves un-Foxily and picks up T:SCC, I think a pairing with Dollhouse is recommended. Summer's show is easily the most buzzed about of the year, and DOllhouse is the only pilot (with Fringe) that's getting attention. Fox could heavily promote it on sci-fi AND beauty, with two leads like that. Fox, Just. Get. It. Right. For. Once!
Yeah, we'll see if this turns out to be real. But that said, the idea of a Terminator/Dollhouse night fills me with glee. I'd hate to see either of them around 24, because even though I love Jack Bauer, the politics on that show really tick me off and make me yell at the screen (though I still can't help but watch). I want my Joss hour to be on a night without all the terrorist angst.

Oh, and were Bones and House ever sharing a night? Because they seem like a great fit as well. I've only watched them on DVD, though, so I don't know if Fox had them together.
'Bones' started on Tuesdays, I remember it because between that 'House' and 'NCIS' (hey, I like it OK ;) it was a busy TV night for me (or rather *cough* Wednesday was ;).

I'm amazed to be honest, if this is true it's actually pretty sensible of Fox. They must've spent a shed-load on the marketing for T:TSCC and that combined with a recovery in the finale numbers says it's a good idea to give it another chance. If they can give it a decent lead-in then it could end up being a 'House' type of thing ('House's numbers started off slightly below where T:TSCC is but 'American Idol' got people to watch and once they did it took off). And buzz for 'Terminator: Salvation' won't hurt it either, once that starts up.

... because... blowing up stuff is what "Terminator" is all about.

That's one of its appeals. There's a lot more to it than that though. In fact, watching Cameron dance, I was struck by the thought that Joss had better get his skates on, because T:TSCC is already doing a lot of the stuff and asking a lot of the questions that 'Dollhouse' seems to be aiming for (there's plenty of room for both of course ;).
Please please no pairing with 24! That show's not coming back until January 2009 -- I can't wait that long for my Whedonverse fix!
Yay for T:SCC! And Bones, and How I Met Your Mother. The idea of a Fox scifi night makes me anxious. Like it's somehow doubling the chances of both Terminator and Dollhouse getting canceled. But then if either loses the lead-in from an established show... I'm gonna be nervous for the rest of my life, aren't I?
I will be very excited if SCC is picked up. I really enjoyed it. And I really (surprisingly) loved Brian Austin Green in it.

I don't care what night or time slot Dollhouse is in as long as they show it in the right order and make a good effort for continuity when and if the world series is on the network in the fall. That always seems to be a problem....grrr.
Finally, FOX makes a good choice. Best of wishes to Summer:)
dreamlogic, you're still cracking me up. Also, hey to cabri, where you been hiding?
I was hoping that Fox would want to keep this show, it makes sense to me when we can see Summer getting all kinds of good press (doing Vanity Fair). This show is clearly moving into the main stream, and could turn into a big hit (knock on wood), and one reason would be the beautiful Summer Glau.
I definitely care what night these shows get slotted into. I don't want Terminator or Dollhouse anywhere near Friday night. No good would come of that. This report from THR seems to concur with an earlier report from E!'s Kristin about Terminator.
Switching subjects for a bit... Spaced. Available in the U.S. on BBC America. But I don't get that. Commercially interrupted anyway. And there's some kind of rights problem regarding Region 1. So we can't get DVD's without a region free player. After seeing Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright and the clips they showed one year at ComicCon, I've badly been wanting to see it. It looks hysterical. Yet I'm worried about an American version. Do you U.K. folks see it as translatable?
Madhatter: Also, hey to cabri, where you been hiding?

Hey! I've been over at HSX, I'm so hooked now. That rumor that the HSX PTB are from Wolfram & Hart must be true! O.O
batmarlowe, it is hysterical. Parts are probably translatable - but why would you want to translate it when you will understand the original perfectly well? Get a region-free DVD player. That is all.
Get a region-free DVD player.

In fact, you might already have one. Do a Google for your DVD model number and, for example, "region free" (or related phrases). Many models have a keypad sequence you can enter that will let you change the region of your player to other regions, or to region free, but they don't put it in the player's manual.

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Though in a recent interview Edgar Wright seemed to think they were this close to securing the music rights for the US market and that there may well be a US release of the Definitive Collector's Edition soon (which is the one i'd recommend you get batmarlowe, even if you have to cross-regions - among the usual great extras from Pegg and Co. there's a documentary which also has meaningful story elements embedded).

It's brilliant BTW, one of my fave sitcoms, certainly in the last 10 years.

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