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March 13 2008

The Guild up for Best Series at 2007 YouTube Awards. Felicia Day's magnificent webseries is up for another award!

After winning at the Greenlight Awards at SXSW, and currently storming the nominees for Best Series at the Yahoo! Video Awards, YouTube has nominated them for Best Series in their 2007 Awards. As Felicia herself notes, "What a week!"

Vote early, vote often (well, once a day, anyway!) - the poll is open until March 19th.

I've been voting for any award she's up for, and let's hope this will find its way to TV...and has better luck than "Quarterlife". G4 or Comedy Central might do something with it.
Sheesh! I suppose I should get around to watching this thing! I mean, Felicia Day is pretty, and I love video games.
Her series is pretty entertaining. A very great idea for a show.
G4 would be perfect for this!

Also, yeah, the show deserves the awards it's up for.
i so love this.
Afraid Felicia said on her blog forums that G4 just arent interested.

But yay! I'm so pleased for them :D
Polter-Cow, I've never played any role-playing games online. But The Guild is bigger than that.

I just finally saw the latest episode. Poor Zaboo. There's little chance that skinny noose-rope and no way that ticky-tack apartment ceiling will take his weight.
dreamlogic, I just watched it. Very funny. And I need the next episode now! What will happen to Zaboo??

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