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March 13 2008

VIP Fan Poll asks: "Which Actor would you most like to interview?". David Boreanaz and Summer Glau among polling choices for potential interview. I believe it's just for fun; I don't think it's part of a real interview.

How about which actor we would most like to go out for a beer...or two...or three!
To Summer Glau: In the event of TTSC gets cancelled (I have a Dalek handy in that case) would you be willing to jump onto the Dollhouse ship? And the Joss ballet project with you, can I see it in my local theater if it ever gets a real deal? :D
I had no idea that Cameron was the actor and Summer was a character! She should be first in the poll. Who wouldn't want to interview a killer robot?
That's pretty conclusive evidence that Summer is actually a Terminator sent from the future I reckon, no other explanation makes even a whit of sense.

From that list, Kiefer Sutherland for a beer (after seeing 'I Trust You to Kill Me' the guy clearly knows how to have a good time ;). To be honest, probably Kiefer for the interview too just because I haven't read many with him and so there'd be more to ask.

From the Whedonverse exclusively, probably a tie between James Marsters and Jewel Staite - maybe it's just because of Spike but JM seems like he'd be good to get shedded with and from comments I think Jewel knows how to tie one on too and seems to have the sort of snarky sense of humour that appeals to me. Interview wise, not read many with Gina and even if I totally dry at least I get to bask ;).
How about "none of the above?" Not because I don't think they'd have anything interesting to say, but because I'd probably end up channeling Chris Farley.

"You remember--you remember when, you were, like, watching that Japanese commercial and--and like, you got this blank look and then, you know, you started kicking people's butts? That was awesome!"

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