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March 13 2008

Know Your Movie Screenshots. Sci-fi fans will get a lot of these. No one will forget which one is from the mind of the great one.

Well, i guess these are sci-fi and fantasy films.


1. Invasion
2. Space Cowboys
3. The Matrix Reloaded
4. Serenity
5. The Score
6. Back to the Future Part II
7. Starship Troopers
8. Twister
9. Hidalgo
10. Gladiator

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Well, there is one I can identify. The rest? :(
Those aren't all sci-fi, are they? I think one is from Hidalgo, which I only know b/c it came up on my Netflix queue last week.
I could only guess two of them and don't want to sign up for an account to figure out the ones I missed. :( I feel like I lost a bit of my geek cred. Anyone know what the last picture is from? It looks so familiar.
I only got the whedon one (if there are more I didn't get them). I thought the last was aronofskyesque but was wrong. Go figure.

Is Hidalgo SF? I didn't realise.
I believe the second one is from "Space Cowboys", and the sixth one is from "Back to the Future" Part 2 (The one with the fax that says You're Fired).

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Not all of them are Sci-Fi? That explains why I didn't get most of them.

And nevermind, I think the last one is from Gladiator.
15 points. Only got Gladiator, Twister and Serenity.
The first one is from Invasion, second from Space Cowboys, fourth Serenity, eighth Twister, and tenth Gladiator. Those are the ones I got. I'm amazed I got half of them!
I don't remember a three eyed dude from Starship Troopers. To be fair, I don't remember anything from Starship Troopers except for a whole lot of indistinct bugs.
Your spoilers in black don't hide themselves so good on the feed. I must now erase my memory so I can play this game fairly.

There. Hey, who are you people? Where am I?
I don't remember seeing Detective Lassiter with a third eye in Starship Troopers... hmm. You'd think I'd remember that, big Psych fan that I am.

This was really hard! Geez!

I did get Space Cowboys, though, which I think is a great nerd point for me.
The third eye guy was only in it briefly in one of those 'Do you want to know more?' ads.
Well, having been misled into thinking these were all supposed to be from Sci-Fi films, I only got three right. I thought I knew the Twister one, but I just didn't see how it could possibly be categorized as Sci-Fi so I left it blank.

Where exactly does it claim to be a sci-fi quiz? I must be terminally stupid.
I don't think it does claim to be a sci-fi quiz, just a movie screenshots quiz. Changed the link title to reflect that.
Yeah, it's not a sci-fi quiz... that would be part of the confusion. I still didn't get the others anyway.
Having only ever seen three of these...yeah, I bombed.
Cool quiz.

It's a little sensitive on the spelling though. I got "Back to the Future Part II" even though Ive seen that movie more than any other movie because I type it as "part 2" instead of "part II".
Damn... Serenity was the only one I got. The rest didn't even ring a bell.
Yes! I got ten points!

That's...that's good...right?
Sigh, all of them films from after my time...

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