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March 13 2008

SyFy Portal Giving Away "Sands of Oblivion". SyFy Portal is giving away copies of a film featuring Morena Baccarin film and Adam Baldwin.

Ten lucky winners will receive "Sands of Oblivion" You can't win if you don't play!

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Donde esta the linkage?
I wouldn't say getting the is DVD winning. While I love seeing Morena and Adam in a movie together again, I really thought this movie was terrible. I could barely sit through it, but I did because I am a glutton for punishment.

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Was this the mummy/Egyptian artifact movie? Checks. It is .... Oh dear. Sorry Morena. :: Run awaaaaaaaay :: [/M. Python]
I don't know what is wrong with link. It looks like it should be working. Perhaps I should try the SyFy main page.
Someone HELP!!!!
How to post.

ETA: You provided a link but not the "link title" for it.

ETA2: That's still not right. The post form is pretty straightforward: Category, URL, Link title, Tags, Description, Extended description.

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BIX, Thanks. What is the difference between the URL and the link title? I did this one exactly the way I have done the last few and this time it did not work, though now it does. Perhaps someone fixed it for me.
The URL is the web address you want the link to go to. The link title is the text you want to display.

Looks like maybe it should be
Link title: SyFy Portal giving away Morena Baccarin film.
Description: Ten lucky winners will receive "Sands of Oblivion" You can't win if you don't play!

Edited to correct details after looking at this post better.

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Receiving this film is not winning.
I haven't seen this, but I note that there is a horror that cannot be stopped. That is on occasion made of awesome. But in this case it sounds like good RiffTrax fodder. I could've enjoyed Van Helsing if the people I was watching it with had been willing to set view mode to Heckle. But alas, I watched pod-people vampire reproduction in respectful (read: extremely painful) silence.

There were vampire pods! Pods of vampire children! *paaaaain*
I did this one exactly the way I have done the last few and this time it did not work, though now it does.

No, it doesn't. The "link title" is not supposed to be a URL. It's the text that will be the link of the URL you provide. (If this is the way you've been doing it before, there's no way it's worked in the past, unless a mod went in and changed the mistakes every time.)
Changed it just now, and yes, I know that I personally have corrected at least one of azhippieinoz's posts in the past.
I had the URL right, but the link did not work originally, so then I tinkered. To compound the problem then I brain froze and did not title it and then everything went horribly wrong.
Thanks to Bix and Sunfire for your help.
Zeitgeist, I wish you had let me know. I will learn or go back to lurking.
azhippieinoz: I suggest you inspect the preview results rather closely next time you try to post. Admins here are good about leaving a note when they edit, but it doesn't necessarily tell you the details of what was changed in a case like this. The preview, on the other hand, shows you pretty much exactly what you'll get when you post. That way you can play around and figure out how things work before actually posting.
Sunfire, sounds like good advice. This is why I've always had assistants do that "silly computer stuff". Now my ignorance comes out to play. I feel a bit silly for blowing something so simple, but I will continue to learn. I like the genuine caring and overall intelligence of this community and want to be involved. Besides, Zeitgeist listens to New Model Army.
Is this movie as bad as Mammoth?
azhippieinoz - no big thing, we're happy to help you learn. This sort of thing isn't something everyone does every day. Its a small price to pay to have you share your excitement and stay involved in our community :) So stick around and keep posting! Plus, New Model Army ;)
Is this movie as bad as Mammoth?

Is any movie as bad as 'Mammoth' ? Even Summer only barely made it worth watching IMO.

Morena was also briefly in 'Stargate: The Ark of Truth' BTW (released in the US on the 11th) and she was great in it, even if the script wasn't always as good as it could have been IMO (still a great way to round off the show's storyline though).

(they did quite well with the one thing that plagues TV show to movie translations though: scale - there are some truly lovely, epic shots in the film, stuff you couldn't do on TV in a million years. And one of the extras shows a stuntman being flame-throwered directly in the face ... and living to tell the tale. Bonus ;)
I think this one was worse than Mammoth. Maybe it should win an award on that accomplishment.
Am I the only here that liked Mammoth? It isn't a good movie by far, but I was throughly entertained with it. It was awesomely bad in its campy-ness. Sands of Oblivion was absolutely terrible, I felt bad for Adam and Morena for dealing with that dreck.
You've actually done the movie a favour, azhippieinoz. There is no way that this thread would have received 21 comments without your linkage mistake. ;)

As for Mammoth...

That is all...

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