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March 13 2008

Tom Lenk on Eli Stone. Blink and you'll miss him!

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I must have blinked! I saw his name at the beginning of the show, but I never saw him at all (*sob*). Can anyone tell me what part he played?
He came in and handed a piece of paper to the two lawyers handling the baseball player's case. I had seen his name but when he came onscreen, I was too far away from the TV to identify him by anything but his voice. I kept waiting for him to reappear, but I didn't see him.
Gah. I watched, but didn't see him. This blinking thing is becoming a problem.
I saw him, but I don't understand the point of hiring an experienced actor for that role. I wonder how much ended up being cut.
Good point Tamara C. I saw his name in the creds and watched for a bit, but then I got bored and changed it.
I'm enjoying Eli Stone. But I totally missed that was Tom Lenk! I'll have to watch it again.
I like the show too. Too bad it will never in a million years get renewed.
Too bad it will never in a million years get renewed.

Are the ratings that bad? I'm enjoying the show as well. The writing is good and the dialogue just sparkles from time to time. I'd hate to see it go. Also: I totally missed Tom Lenk. Damn you, natural need to keep eyes wet!
I watched it for the first time the other night. I saw Tom's name in the opening credits but I didn't see him at all. As far as the show.....I liked it better when it was called Ally McBeal.
I liked it better when it was called Ally McBeal.

I actually didn't ;). I can see the comparison: legal show with weird happenings which are mostly played for comedy. But that's only superficial, really. The weird stuff on Eli Stone, actually has a reason for happening. Which, for me at least, is already a plus. Plus, even if the concept is somewhat familiar in places, the show still manages to turn out quality episodes. So I'm not complaining :).
Yes, the ratings are really that bad. I'm bummed about it because I really do enjoy the show.

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