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March 14 2008

SMG may replace Kate Bosworth in "Veronika Decides to Die". Based on a book by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

Oh man, I adore that book and the idea of Sarah playing Veronika makes me so happy.

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Hope it's a winner for her. She's due for one.
More SMG = Me happy.
TwisTz said it very nicely :)
The Cinematical post about this was headlined, "Sarah Michelle Gellar Decides to Die."

Just taking a quick glance, I thought it had said that Sarah died! Thankfully, this was not the case.
That sounds interesting. If it happens, good for Sarah.
Definitely looking forward to her playing a more serious role again
Can she also replace Kate Bosworth in the next Superman movie? Bosworth was definitely the acting weak-link of that film...
SMG and Coelho? A must-see for me.

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