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March 14 2008

Click Critics: The Power of Fan Websites Tickets Go On Sale. Whedonesque readers are eligible for discounted tickets (member price, $8) to the spring Paley Center event in New York City on May 19th. Tickets go on sale at noon Eastern Time today. Note: this is a panel of fan website mods/admins, not the actors/creators panel taking place in LA. Additional details on the event below.

Click Critics:
The Power of Fan Websites
Monday, May 19, 2008; 6:00 to 7:30 pm

TV recap/fan sites like Television Without Pity have a significant impact on television's creative community, as producers are able to instantly track fans' reactions to their programming. In addition to the entertainment these portals provide readers, they have become the ultimate focus group, making passionate, informed, unfiltered audience responses to new material a simple click away. We are gathering writers behind some of the more well-known sites to discuss the influence of fan sites on programming, the culture of actively engaged critical communities, and their position in the "legitimate" critical landscape.

In Person: Kevin Croy (Lostpedia), Remona Outar (Ugly Is In), ProgGrrl (Galactica Sitrep), Joe Reid (Television Without Pity), Damon Schmidt (Whedonesque), Jennie Tan (OfficeTally)

p.s. - No, I will not delete this post and warn myself for self-linking or self-promotion ;)

This sounds especially neat because of zeitgeist's involvement. Going to NYC on a school/work night for anything less than the second coming right at the moment, not so much. Damn, this being a responsible adult gig has a huge downside.

Will we be able to get detailed reports...or will this also be recorded and be able to be viewed at the Paley Center some time in the future? (Like on a weekend or in the summer sometime.)

Oh, and good for you zeitgeist for doing this. Yea!
Hey, doesn't this count as self-linking?
I'm still not sure if Dave and I can make the trip from Virginia, but I have my tickets just in case.
ESG - No, it does not ;) Hope to see some of you super cool people there! ETA - yes, this event will be recorded and will then be available to watch at the NYC and LA locations at a later date.
Hey, doesn't this count as self-linking?

It's not his site. Technically this is just self-promoting. ;)

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