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March 16 2008

Joss Whedon confirms his new project "Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog". Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day will star in it.

Must. Not. Call. Nathan. Captain Hammerpants.
It might be the heat (damn, it's hot in Melbourne today) but I think I'm more excited about this than Dollhouse. Seriously - NPH and Nathan Fillion. In a musical? By Joss? On the web?

Is it whenever-this-comes-out yet?
Bix, no. Plant ideas like that and the next thing you know we'll have the MC Hammerpants video on YouTube. "Can't touch this." Bad, bad, bad. And a little bit awesome.
I want Captain MC Hammerpants, "Too Legit 2 Quit" Sequel!

Yeah, I don't really have anything substantial to add here.

Yeah, I wish I could come up with something more interesting to say. But at least I've got something to tide myself over until Dollhouse... assuming this comes out before Dollhouse.
*snicker* One hell of a crossover this is. A genius kid doc turned blatant man-ho, an outlaw spaceship captain turned suburban house-husband, and a shy slayer who has a secret life online. *lol* And there's music and its written by Whedons! Must. not. call. everyone. I know. who. wouldn't. care. but. really. should.
I barely even know what it's about, but I'm already hoping Dr. Horrible becomes a continuing series of shorts done whenever Joss and the actors can get together. This is way better than anything I expected from the occasional mention during the strike! :)
This is too awesome to be true. Somebody pinch me.
I think we our Bob an apology. And hey, I totally scooped Variety - those slackers.

So, the question becomes, what the hell is it about? It can't be any more strange than R Kelly's musical drama Trapped In The Closest. Trust me.
Facebook page.

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Sweet. And tide of writers bypassing the studios and producing their own work gets another boost...
No apologies needed! I TOTALLY get the doubt, and who am I anyway? I don't so much care that I was being doubted as no one was yet enjoying the good news. I didn't expect Joss to post so quickly (and now I wonder should I have said anything at all... Maybe I AM THAT guy, or maybe it's NPH...) So in lieu of the Boss saying anything, and without giving any details, I just wanted everyone to believe it was true. Now that Joss is out with it, I'm completely satisfied.

And to MizB, this was as much a B-day present to me as anything else, I was just trying to spread the love!
Fans of YouTube, musicals and web series should check out "The Battery's Down" - while we wait for Joss' musical web series. It's a fun series about an actor aspiring to Broadway - plus it's got great songs by up-and-coming musical theatre composers. It's great.
Gossi: are you kidding me? "Neil Patrick Harris" and "super-villain", what more do you need to know?
White Knight: You are correct. And knightly.

You know, as soon as this news hit I sat there thinking... "This is either going to be the greatest thing ever.... Or Neil is joking".
Suddenly, I'm reminded of this:
A new project from our Joss? Fantastic! And great cast!
This is happy but confusing news to wake up to. Especially since it sounds so much like a dream that I would have. Not to belittle the scoop, gossi, but Variety would say when and where it was coming out. You can find out. You have, like, tentacles everywhere. That didn't sound right. You have sources.
Am I the only one who is loving the Felicia "so damn cute she's dangerous" Day involvement? As much as I love both the Fillion and NPH, I repeat... Felicia Day!

That really is her middle name, by the way. She doesn't use it much. Modesty, y'know?
Awesome news. :)
dreamlogic, I'm not touching this one with a barge poll unless I'm asked to. I'm fed up of getting involved in stuff which isn't my business, on a personal level. I would totally love to, though, because dude: I can bring an audience with a complete lack of budget. I'm THAT much of a geek.

Koven - her middle name fits. She is severely snuggable, ain't she?

[ edited by gossi on 2008-03-16 17:43 ]
As someone who met Felicia in real life, I can severely agree with gossi. She's a sweetie and a half.. and also a patented comic talent. The sexually-themed exchanges between Iyari and her were priceless.
In the past thread, I was looking at it as something that would be wonderful if it were to happen, but an awesome joke if it were not to. Just like Chuck Norris giving the commencement speech at my college graduation a couple of years ago. But I'm very glad to see this actually happen (unlike the Norris thing). Looking forward, Joss.
Must. Not. Call. Nathan. Captain Hammerpants.

Somehow I am thinking the 1. Nathan will not mind being called Captain Hammerpants. 2. He either lost or won some kind of bet to wear this title, and 3... well there are just to many jokes, i think my funny bone is forever bruised... Thanks Joss :)
This? Is gonna be awesome.
Looking forward to this!
Chuck Norris, Arabchick.

I'm so sorry.
Hello, confluence of awesome. This is gonna be legen--wait for it...keep waiting...wait some more--dary!
Personally, I can't wait for the Sing-Along-A Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Dear lord... Joss is working again (SQUEE!!)... in spades!! First Dollhouse, now a sing-along with NPH, Nathan AND Felicia?!? You are amazing Mr Whedon, truly amazing! My hat's off to you, sir.

Need I say anymore? I think not... :D
Yep, this news is made of awesome. Consider me bouncing along with everyone else :D

(don't worry Saje, I'll make sure half of us bounces out of phase with the other half, so that we'll get destructive interferance and the earth's orbit won't be affected... or something like that, only with science that makes sense :p).
For those who have never seen Neil Patrick Harris sing - see him sing part of "Confrontation" from Les Miserables with one of his HIMYM co-stars here. He's also in this concert version of "Sweeney Todd" as Toby - link to the first part of the show (Toby doesn't turn up until later in the show, though). And in Stephen Sondheim's "Assassins" here - where he played the Balladeer and Lee Harvey Oswald.
I like Joss working with his brothers too. How cool is that? All the Whedon love going on and then such a great cast. What a perfect way to cast friends.
Fillion, Harris In Whedon's New Musical Miniseries mentioned by name!

In the future, Joss Whedon may be best known as the creator of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.”

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-03-17 01:44 ] mentioned by name!

That should happen when some place like SyFyPortal lifts the entirety of their article from here.
crossoverman - that interview you posted was fab! I laughed so hard I cried a little.
I don't know, right now I can't stop laughing about Chuck Norris giving the commencement speech at Arabchick's college graduation.

Well, yeah, but doesn't always happen. And I'm pretty sure no one here said "In the future, Joss may be best known as the creator of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” ' It is funny because it just might turn out to be true.

Doesn't matter to me. The more people see of Joss' work, the more people want to see of Joss' work...which leads them back to Firelfy/Serenity. And Nathan's in it too. So Whoo-hoo!
Just FY'alls info, the SyFyPortal writer on the article linked to above is a WHEDONesquer herself... she's our own Nebula1400, so her speculation about Joss' possible Dr. Horrible-fame has probably a little touch of the old tongue in the cheek...
It is so great that Joss gets to work with family on this. Or is it? I don't think I could work with my brother, yet there are the Coen brothers who are doing alright for themselves. This project sounds like a fun time, so I would imagine there will be plenty of brotherly love.

Go, Nebula1400!
So, I was able to visit set today for Dr. Horrible. I didn't want to say much w/o Whedony approval, but then I got a chance to talk with the man himself after wrap and he asked me to indeed not give away a thing. By the way, after a long, hard day, he was very warm and welcoming when I stopped him to chat.

So I won't reveal anything, but I'll speak in positive sounding vagueness. Nathan, Neil and Felicia were all there and were fantastic (naturally), and Felicia's singing voice is heavenly. I'm no judge of music, but let's just say Nathan's singing voice fits the character perfectly. Neil and Nathan's costumes are really great. I love Neil as a supervillain. Spoke to Nathan briefly, he was in high spirits as usual and was funny as ever on and off camera.

The song that I heard is hilarious, as are all the hijinks that were filmed. Mike Massa (Angel's stunt double/coordinator) was on hand as Nathan's stunt double and the stunt coordinator which was pretty cool. Some fun and funny stunts today.

And Joss called Nathan 'Captain.' How awesome is that?

Joss' family was on set, his children are precious.

Another Whedon Alum stopped by, but only to visit. In the case that this person is a cast member though, I'm gonna keep that one for now.

All in all it was pretty fantastic to witness a Whedon product in the making. Joss said there's no timetable for release, but they are hoping to get it out as soon as they can.

[ edited by bobw1o on 2008-03-17 05:12 ]
I should go away for the weekend more often, love coming home to news like this.

NPH and Jason I-forget-his-last-name singing from Les Mis, awesome. Nathan and Felicia together again, lots more awesome. Joss walking the talk from strike day, beyond awesome.
Thanks for all the vaguely informative yet oddly compelling scoop, bobw1o! This is the first time there's been any actual Whedon filming taking place since I've been online, and it's all, to quote deadbessie, "beyond awesome".
Thanks, bobw1o - great report. You managed to make a lot of positive-sounding vagueness sound like comprehensive and exciting coverage. I really look forward to seeing how it all plays out - and if the alum ends up in it. I think your discretion in that respect is wise...

And awwww-sweetness about the Whedony-babes.
I really love QuoterGal and Harmalicious!

Wee! Another musical by Joss (after OMWF, I mean)! Nathan Fillion singing, oh my! And I'm loving the idea of the story: it's quirky, sounds like great fun.

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