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March 16 2008

A message from The Guild. Want to see what kind of snappy moves will be in "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog?" Then vote for Felicia Days "The Guild"!

If they win, they're showing us an extended clip of Felicia playing Dance Dance Revolution :D

Well, after Joss' web series announcement - and this link - I finally got around to watching "The Guild" and I love it. This is YouTube put to its best use - showcasing talent and producing interesting television, that just doesn't have the market the networks look for. Hopefully it leads to more work for Felicia and everyone else who works on the series!

Another web series that I discovered recently is a musical called "The Battery's Down" - about an aspiring actor living in New York, written and directed by Jake Wilson, an aspiring actor living in New York. The music and lyrics are being written by up-and-coming theatre composers and lyricists. The choreography and location shooting is amazing!

Ah, interweb - thanks for the gifties!
Even candid off the "The Guild" they're still witty, funny, and wonderful people. Ah, love 'em.
I love these people.
The Guild has been an enjoyable break from reality. Isn't that what it is all about?
I just watched all of The Guild. Really funny stuff! I'll admit, the first episode wasn't too impressive, and it looked really low-budget, but once the story kicked in, the look of it all didn't matter, since it was funny and the characters were all very distinct and hilarious in their own ways.
I just checked out all the Guild webisodes too. So very, very funnny and probably the best thing I've seen on youtube. I hope they make more.
Yep, crossoverman finally getting around to it inspired me to finally get around to it and they were excellent. I'll be happy to donate a few quid just as soon as my credit card company is happy to let me (they keep insisting on being paid back - picky, picky ;).

(I thought episode one was pretty decent myself - Felicia Day is, indeed, huge with the cuteness but they all deliver their lines well IMO)

Also, "cheese gouging" ? A veritable scourge of modern life ;).
I'll be happy to donate a few quid just as soon as my credit card company is happy to let me (they keep insisting on being paid back - picky, picky ;).

Yeah, I agree - happy to help pay for the production of The Guild. I know how expensive these "no budget" things can get - and it's worth it for the finished product, as they have already proven.

And I think the show was good from episode one, but also it is improving as well - as we get to know the characters.
Uh oh. The competition is close to catching up in the Yahoo vote. They killed Felicia!

Iím a slayer goddamnit, I could snap that punk like a twig!

Damn right she can.
I went and voted at youtube and yahoo again from work IP - "Break a Leg's" youtube vid was admittedly amusing, but they can't whack a Slayer around like that without pissing off all the other Slayers and Slayer-potentials, and that's a fact, Jack.
Voted from home, but forgot to vote from work. Sorry Felicia!
Good work, Whedonesque - keep it up! The Guild is back in the lead at Yahoo. But we cannot rest now. Vote, vote, vote!
Felicia's website seems to have gone down but the link to the Youtube voting is here,

and the yahoo is here.

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