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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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March 16 2008

Happy Birthday Alan Tudyk! Happy Birthday to our favorite leaf on the wind, Alan Tudyk! Let's hope when he's blowing out those candles that he's wishing for another Serenity movie.

Happy birthday to my favorite crew member! ...Or, the guy who portrays him.
Aaahh, happy birthday Alan :)
Just spotted that the quote in the corner is...

"I'm a leaf in the wind. Watch how I soar."
Happiest of Birthdays Alan!
Hah, it's my birthday too - who knew? Happy birthday, Alan!
Happy Birthday, Alan!

And happy birthday, ShamelessSingingRennie! Have a great day, both of you!
Happy B-day, Alan!

And Alan doesn't have to wish for a movie, he can just keep feeding rumors to websites in Australia until it happens. Right? That seems to be his masterful plan.
Happy birthday Mr Alan Tudyk Esq., hope you soar for many more.

And have a good day (or we'll fong you ;).
Heh. The quote I have is "Oh, my god! It's grotesque! Oh, and there's something in a jar."

Just watched 3:10 to Yuma Friday night. I laughed when he said "Nice to have a conversation with a patient." And...I hated the fate of his character.

Birthday happies, Alan! Your next role will be lead, right? :-D
Happy Birthday, Alan! Wishing the best!
Happy Birthday to my favorite space pilot and also my favorite naked guy on a roof! :-)
Have a great birthday, Alan. And ditto what briana said :-)
Happy birthday, Alan.
Loved having the opportunity to meet you and plot practical jokes on Nathan with you - wishing you a wonderful birthday Alan, enjoy spending it with those you love.

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Have a very shiny birthday, Alan!
No idea if you read here Alan, but I wish you a delightful birthday. Just saw Death at a Funeral last week in which your comedic invention was played to the hilt. Absolutely side-splitting, great work. Thank you so much.
Happy Birthday, Alan! If you read this, I hope you have a wonderfully fantastic day!!!!
Happy Birthday, you sexy, sexy man!

Happy birthday, Alan!

I still cringe every time you get gurked (don't steal this, it's my very own verb).
I still think we shoulda taken all our clothes off and run around speaking in funny accents all day.
Happy Birthday, Alan! Hope it was a great one.

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