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March 16 2008

Winning retailers announced for DH 100: Serenity: Better Days Contest. 100 stores received 10 free copies with a custom, full-wrap around cover created by the mini-series artist Will Conrad.

I want to see it!!! Wonder how much they will go for on ebay. Maybe the stores will have their own little contests to win one of the covers.

So there are at least 100 comic book stores. in the US? World? Anybody know how many there are?
I'm wondering what I will have to do to get one of those. The comic store I go to has another outlet in another province and that store won, so it shouldn't be completely out of the question for them to send one over for me, right?
Congrats to all the winners! And SHEESH! All those CA stores and not a single MI store. :( Sometimes I really really hate CA. Hopefully someone will have one of them on display at Comic Con. (Hint, hint!)
There's about 3000-3500 comic shops in the US but I've no idea how many there are outside it.
Wow. We'll have 3 locations to choose from here in Austin, TX. Wonder how much it'll cost tho.... :^/
Nice, one of the winners is a shop in my town.

Not so nice, it is one I've never heard of, let alone the shop two blocks from my house.

I need to find this place and get a look at that wrap-around.
what exactly is a wrap around?
It's a cover where the drawing starts on the front and continues onto the back (most comics covers only use the front of the comic, the back cover being an advert).
Heh, one of the shops I normally buy at won. I'll have to ask about it next time I go in.

They'll probably be marked up to astronomic prices.
After reading the story here, I called up my local comic store ( which made the list ) to see about getting a copy. Come to find out they already planned to save me a copy and hand it over at just over cost.

*performs happy dance*
Holy crap! All three of my local stores are on the list. I just emailed my main store asking if I could get one (crosses fingers). Does anyone actually know when this will be arriving in store? If I can't get it from one I'll go around and see if any of the others are selling them, but I don't go every week.
I see Curious Comics here in Victoria made the list. I will have to stop by.

They've always been big Whedon supporters. For a year at the downtown location (they have 3) they had a Whedonny display of comics and stuff between the store entrance and the cash register. So I would have been surprised if they weren't on the list.
My local store didn't win, pooey, I was really looking forward to getting one....
100 stores x 10 issues = 1000 issues.

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