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"Ripping its brain out is absolutely a good plan. I certainly dont have a better."
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June 09 2003

I won't miss the love scenes says James Marsters. "Sex scenes are...awkward - you're standing there in nothing but a sock for 18 hours!".

wish i was there to see that!
love vickie x x x
I was just going to say I can't imagine his fans not wanting to see that either. :)
He bit her? WTF?
I will miss the meaningful looks, and hand holding.
SOCK? Hmmmm, wasn't there a vague reference to 'sock puppets' once? Wonder if that was a poke? (oh, forgive the puns, please, I'm baaaaaad)
I'm surprised the sock stayed on:) (yes, I'm v. bad!)
"I can't wait to tell my friends, they don't have a sock this big"
When I went to the fan event in Chicago, he mentioned it was really gross to have a sex scene with Sarah. After working with her for 5 years and having her be like a sister to him, he had to do these sex scenes... with a sister-like figure...
lalam35 - Not from what I've heard! ;D
lalam35 - Not from what I've heard! ;D
and here I thought the pregnancy would make me good! ;)
Is that sock available at auction or ebay???:o Who's your big bad......
Of course he bit her, he was Spike!

Favorite quote: "Everyone's had that dream where they turn up to work naked, but it's my job to show up that way every day."

no comment.
Welcome to work, Mr. Masters, and here's your soundtrack. Bam chicka bam, chicka bam bwoiboichicka. You'll be playing the cabana boy again. And here's your sock -- Wardrobe records these numbers, by the way, so if one turns up (so to speak) on eBay we will be talking.

[I just glossed Spike as "Cabana Boy" and I think I like it -- he walks in all unsuspecting and suddenly is right in the action.]
KT! If it's not now, it probably will be on the 'Buffy Auction'--- *winkage*

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