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March 16 2008

Blood on the Highway gets its world premiere at AFI Dallas. The horror-comedy starring Nicholas Brendon will premiere at midnight on March 28th during the AFI Dallas International Film Festival. Click on the link and scroll down the page for all the showtimes and tickets.

Blood on the Highway's site can be found here.

Also, my first post. Yay! Hopefully, I didn't muck it up....

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Well done! I just added a period to the link title :)
Very good first post! ;)
Too bad I don't like horror movies. And it's not that I just "don't like" them. They frighten me.
I'm sooo excited about this. I was one of the extras in this flick and its a funny and entertaining film if I do say so myself. Everyone in the area should check it out. You can buy a single ticket for the midnight showing instead of a full festival pass. Or if you go to any local Blockbuster or the Central Market locations some free passes may still be left.

death is my gift You should totally come see this. Most of our D/FW Whedonists group will be there and were in the movie. Don't worry about fright worry about stitches in ones side for laughter, this is a very campy fun vampire flick. I should know I played one of the vampires. Unfortunantly I did not get to be in any scenes with Nick Brendon but alas I was on the same set as him and that was near enough, if I'd actually been in a scene with him I'd have probably mucked it all up. (equal parts nervousness & wanting to stretch the experience out)

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