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March 17 2008

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for 'Angel: After The Fall' #8 and #9. These issues will be out in June along with the first hardcover collection of the series.

HMMMMMMM. Seems like a certain someone who graces the covers for issue 9 might be back, after all. That she's the one whose fate hangs in the balance. OR it could be misdirection on IDW's part. Love the new artist.

As for issue 8, is that Spike ? 'cause he has a severe case of 'Batman-on-a-gargoyle'-itis. It can be cured, Spike, it can cured.

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Love the cover for #9.
Although I'm really confused about the order of stories/issues. So we're about have #5 out.. then 6,7,8 are First Night? Then #9 is back to where #5 left off?
The Spike cover is awesome, i hope he's guarding the city(like batman.).

Too bad 3 out of the 4 covers of #9 are promo-pictures instead of drawn.
Yes, alexa, the order is exactly that. For all accounts and purposes, both the First Night arc and Spike:After The Fall are prequels to A:ATF #1.

I don't love the cover for issue 8, though. I wish we could have the artist of the new #1's Director's Cut for the rest of the series, that's in Felicia Day's words "clutch".
The drawn cover for #9 is awesome. Waiting is killing me ...
I assume that is supposed to be Spike? If it wasn't for the blond hair I wouldn't be able to tell. Don't like it one bit.
2 issues in June?-excellent!

I love the cover for #9 (goes to change desktop....done!)

I think I can guess who the mystery woman is...but we'll see...
The mystery woman? Isn't that pretty obvious? I mean, how many women have there been in Angel's life who AREN'T back already in AtF? Cordelia, Buffy, and Darla, pretty much. Unless you think it's Joyce or Tara...
I think those promo pictures aren't covers, but I could be wrong. I don't understand exactly how they fit into the regular story, to be honest.

The "I heart LA" cover is by Nick Runge, who also does interiors on issue 9, and holy cow, they're nice.
And as a reminder Angel ATF #5 will be out this Wednesday!
Brian, you don't need a reason to have that photo of Amy Acker. You just need a free page.

How did we get two issues in one month, though? Is July a skip month for "Angel" with "Spike" starting?
We got two issues because FIRST NIGHT was going three full issues and we didn't want people to have to wait to get back to the "present day" story.

July will have a new issue of ANGEL and SPIKE # 1!
That's awesome... who does that, seriously?

Yikes... that means between Season 8 and "Vampires: After the Fall" (I don't like acronyms, and that's as convenient as anything else), that's gonna be... three issues a month from June through October?

Honestly, that's almost like having the Buffyverse back on a TV schedule.
I hope the mystery woman is who I think it is...
So do I, actually :)
Yessir, ANGEL # 5 (which has, along with Franco's group shot cover, a second cover that no one has seen yet) is coming out this Wednesday, along with another book I wrote, EVERYBODY'S DEAD. I am extremely proud of both these books, hope you pick them up and enjoy them.
Brian, is that the grappling Angel and Spike cover with the red background or another one ? I understand you must feel like, you have the canon future of the Angelverse in your hands, and you're doing very good by it. Kudos.
Yech, hope they don't start doing Glamour Photo covers again.

The biweekly announcement is exciting, though. It's really cool that you're looking out for the fans like that.
I have "Everybody's Dead" on my pull list-can't wait to pick it up this week!
Wow. A year ago I didn't even know where one could buy comics... Now I find myself having to go there almost every week! And both Angel and Everybody's Dead coming out at once = happiness.
Angel/Spike grapple cover is a Retailer Incentive. The regular "cover B" hasn't been seen yet. You'll understand why when you feast your eyes upon it.
Lookin forward to seeing that!Guess I'll be goin back to getting 2 covers for the next while:)
Thanks for the info, Brian. My wallet already cries at the idea of getting three covers, but.. completism must be yielded to:-)
I am so excited about all these projects - I love AtF and will certainly Start reading "Everybody's Dead" as well. I have enjoyed all of the Spike books the Angel books also. My husband thought had a bit of fun with the comic book store owners calling me by name when he joined me on my last visit. Very nice of them to hold one copy of each cover for me -

Love being able to enjoy all these wonderful characters and seasons in the comic format -

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