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March 17 2008

Paramount releases dvd cover and early details for Drew Goddard's "Cloverfield". Underrated or overrated you decide, the DVD will be released on April 22nd.

A lot of people complained that the people in Cloverfield where to attractive looking and that made the film unrealistic, but to me that's what made it believable. Hell, I would have risked my life, my sister's life and my best friends like, to save my ex-girlfriend, if she looked like Odette Yustman. What guy wouldn't? What girl wouldn’t?
Well, yes, you certainly wouldn't rescue those characters for their personalities.

I always loved an unsourced quote on a DVD cover - Paramount copy boys are working overtime!
I thought the movie was neither over nor underrated... it was just a damn good monster movie, and I even enjoyed the characters.
I was one of the many looking for an airsick bag. Luckily, it never got that bad, but I think I was sitting too close. :)

I enjoyed the movie, but I don't know that I could watch it again. Maybe on the TV screen, it won't be so bad?
Very nice little monster flick though i'm not so keen to see it again that I can't wait until the DVD's cheaper. And the actors were attractive ? Wow, it's almost like this is Hollywood or something ;).

Surprisingly I didn't really feel that sick though it may have been because we accidentally went to a showing for the hearing impaired (which had subtitles). From this I discovered two things: 1) reading subtitles, by giving the eye a still place to focus, may reduce "judder sickness" and 2) if you put words in front of me, even though I can hear well enough, I find it annoyingly impossible not to read them ;).

(to those that got sick, watching it on DVD probably won't be as bad because you can see the whole screen which gives your eye a sort of "context" for the motion)
I think this movie was great, I saw it three times in the theatre :)

Disappointed that Drew doesn't provide commentary on it, though.
I enjoyed the flick and I agree that complaining that the actors are attractive in a movie out of Hollywood is kinda like complaining that the sky is blue or that Michael Bay made a movie with explosions in it...
Archon — ditto.
I always loved an unsourced quote on a DVD cover - Paramount copy boys are working overtime!

Yeah...that's a little fishy. Probably came from some small newspaper with a really hyphenated name, like the Odessa Post-Observer-Ledger-Tribune.

By the way, Saje, where was that screening for the hearing-impaired? I ask b/c my city's a little backwards when it comes to that. Memphis tends to think that the only movies we want to see subtitled are Tyler Perry movies.

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Probably came from some small newspaper with a really hyphenated name, like the Odessa Post-Observer-Ledger-Tribune.

Or like U-S-A- T-O-D-A-Y ;).

(wonder if that's not the final final cover or maybe the quote's attributed on the back ?)

And unfortunately the screening was in England QuanticoMVP (I live in the UK) which probably isn't much help to you, sorry ;).

(saw it at a multiplex that offers a few showings a week of each film with subtitles. Really good idea IMO even if, at the showing of 'Cloverfield' I saw, one of the hearing impaired folk in the audience had to nip out and let them know the subtitles weren't appearing on screen)
Oh wow, there's someone else from Memphis on here! I was beginning to think there weren't any Whedon fans in Memphis...
I didn't see it because the trailer made the characters seem so unlikeable/awful/vile ... and then once the movie was out, sure enough, everyone seemed to be confirming what the trailers had shown, that it's a movie about awful people. :/ Not my cuppa; I don't wanna root for the monsters :)

This thread is the first I've heard of anyone complaining that they were attractive (what else would they be? It's a frickin' movie!)
Hmm, they seemed pretty real to me (beyond looking like models ;) and not vile or awful at all (without spoiling, the entire film centres around a basically selfless act of courage and compassion by some friends for another of their group) though they have their share of character flaws.

Everyone has their take though ;).
Well, as I said, I didn't see the film ... all I had to go on is the trailers (where they came off as ... well, I'll go ahead and use the Y-word) and post-film comments (like crossoverman's, above, for example).
Unlikeable, awful and vile? Unrealistic? Yikes. I mean yeah, freakishly attractive, but hello -- Hollywood. Other than that though, they were the kids at pretty much every college party I ever attended. I liked them and their sweet little story within a really fun monster movie.
Samantha: exactly, yes. Sounds like we're on the same wavelength (apart from you having seen the film, natch) :)

And given that Goddard was scripting, I have no doubt of the high quality of the screenplay and the reality/believability of the characters. In fact, I assume the film is probably very good (a former colleague of mine gave it very high praise in his review, and I trust his judgment on these matters) ... I was just explaining why I chose not to see it.
kevingann, I'm from Memphis, too, although I currently live in St. Louis. :) Someone on here is from Collierville as well.

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