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March 17 2008

Kelly Manners moves into the Dollhouse. Another alum of past Whedon shows signs up for the new series, taking the position of Line Producer.

Very sweet. I always got the "unsung hero" vibe about him.
Shouldn't Eliza Dushku be listed as a producer?
I have no idea what a line producer does but yay! The more of the old gang that signs on for this show the more excited I get for it.
I would love for someone to break down what all the producing/writing/editing-type job titles mean. Jane Espenson went into it a little bit somewhere or other in an entertaining anecdote about her job and the title not really agreeing, but I don't think I've seen a full treatment that made sense to not-in-the-biz me.
From Wikipedia:

A line producer is a key member of the production team for a motion picture. Typically, a line producer manages the budget of a motion picture. Alternatively, or in addition, they may manage the day to day physical aspects of the film production, serving a role similar to the unit production manager.

Line producers usually do not act as part of the creative team for a picture. Because line producers work on location, they don't work on more than one film at a time (unlike other producer roles).

A line producer may also hire key members of the crew, negotiate deals with vendors, and is considered the head of production on the set.

The line producer has a very stressful job and he or she must not be easily worried by deadlines and demands.

Yay, that's awesome. I love him, and his brother, he's so awesome too.

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More "Angel" crew alumni in the "Dollhouse" -- much of the "Angel" cinematography crew, including director of photography Ross Berryman, gaffer Dan Kerns (who wrote the "Angel by the Numbers" production essay for the "Five Seasons of Angel" book), etc.

The line producer does almost everything that is *not* about script, casting and fundraising -- he/she hires the tech crew, makes sure they have locations/soundstages to work on, food to eat, electricity, etc., and arranges all of these things so they can fit within the budget that the line producer has been given.
Thanks for explaining that, Shapenew!
Kelly's been over there for quite a while, and he recently hired yet another Angel alum, Stuart Blatt, as the Production Designer.
Cheers, Shapenew and Samantha. Could I ask me a massive favour? Could you please drop me an email to my profile addy (clicky my name below).

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