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March 17 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for February. The Buffyverse comics continue their solid performance, Buffy #11 was 14th and Angel: After The Fall #4 was 37th. Joss' penultimate issue of Runaways came in at no. 55.

Thats great....go Whedonverse:)
We may actually have 5 Joss titles out in April *touch wood and all that*. So that'll be a cool chart battle.
And notice the Those Left Behind TP sneaking into the GN chart at 79th (Long Way Home is at 53rd).
Thank goodness TV executives don't live in comicbook land, otherwise we'd probably be watching the "Jordan Levin" axe fall to make way for NEW and IMPROVED comics, ones having nada to do with our great and powerful dark master, Joss the Supreme... :)
Quantumac, for every Jordan Levin there's a Dan DiDio or a Joe Quesada in comicbook land fans aren't loving so much:-) It's true that comics survive poor audience reception much much longer than TV shows, though.

There's a Serenity comic tidbit in the new LITG column, by the way, too tidbitt-y to deserve its own thread, scroll down to two-thirds of the page:
Anybody know what the Index column means?
The Index does not represent the thousands of copies sold as it might seem at first read, but the percentage of copies sold having Batman as a standard parameter. Historically Batman has a very steady readership, so it's always listed at 100, hence Buffy, with its index of 129.12, sold 129.12 copies for every 100 copies of Batman, 29.12% more. Icv2 should post the rough estimates of real copies in a day or so.

Update: Icv2 already put up their column, and #11 basically shipped the same amount as #10

Buffy 8.11 88070
Buffy The Long Way Home TPB 1719 (bringing the total to 17482)

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Rough estimates of real copies!!! Link please?

Figures for Serenity: Those Left Behind TPB ?

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They have the charts for all months since Season 8's start. As for Serenity Those Left Behind, I don't know.. it's way back, so I'm not sure if those figures are still online. A search on Google should help you. All I remember reading was that Scott Allie said that TPB held their 21st century sales record until Season 8 came along.

Update: Serenity TLB is back in the graphic novel chart at #78 with 1310 copies sold last month. Way to go.

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Thank you!

google!!!! Whoo-hoo! search serenity #1
SERENITY #1 (of 3) 65,119.00 search serenity #2
SERENITY #2 (of 3) 58,484.00 search serenity #3
SERENITY #3 (of 3) 57,189.00 search serenity tp
SERENITY TP 20,173.00

And that is only sales that made the charts.

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