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March 17 2008

(SPOILER) Too much of several good things: Joss wants to direct BSG....but probably can't because of Dollhouse. From Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune, blog entry about an interview with Ron Moore of BSG contains this nugget of potential joy. [Minor casting spoiler for BSG season 4.] Also info about Ron Moore's Warehouse 13 SciFi project with Jane Espenson.

"I asked Moore about the rumor that Joss Whedon had been tentatively lined up to direct one of the final episodes of “Battlestar.” Moore confirmed that “Buffy” creator Whedon, a big fan of “Battlestar,” very much wanted to direct a “Battlestar” episode, but it looks as though he probably will not be able to do so, thanks to his commitment to a new Fox series, “Dollhouse.” “He really wanted to do it, but I’m dubious that it will work out,” Moore said."

Minor casting spoiler for BSG 4 - regarding Mark Sheppard!

Argh! On the bright side, millions of heads have been saved from exploding from awesomeness overload.
Ok then, that makes Jane available to work on Dollhouse. Right?
TamaraC, I think contractually she can't. I am open to being corrected on that.
Because she is still working on BSG?
Nah, doesn't she have a development deal with Disney or some such?
Oh god(s), I hope the Caprica series gets green lit.
I thought it was NBC.
Oh god(s), I hope the Caprica series gets green lit.

Oddly, the last time I saw Ron say anything about this, prior to this link, was that although there had been a report that SciFi was interested in revisiting the idea, no one had talked to him about it at all, so he had no idea one way or the other.
Oh gosh, what a story Joss could do with BSG (or Caprica for that matter).

Wishing on a wish, is that too much to ask?
That makes sense. Yeah it is with NBC/Uni, but according to thefutoncritic it is a two year deal that started in April of 2006.

I know I'm reaching here, but I want more Jane.
TamaraC - excellent spot. The pilot will be filming through May.....
And then he will need to staff up. :)
My heart is all warm and glowy just at the thought of this. Joss, how can you bear it not happening?

You'd probably even get to hug Starbuck.
Great... Now I really need to see Battlestar... Like I wasn't addicted to enough TV shows...
Oh, wow, would I love to see this happen. I'm all on board for Dollhouse, but BSG is, next to my Whedon addictions, my favorite show, and I would really like to see that convergence. Imagine if Jane wrote the episode and Joss directed it. Oh, the wonder of the possibilities.
Noooo, BSG has the 3 D's: Dark, Dreary, Depressing - don't help it Joss!

It's dead Jim.
Noooo, BSG has the 3 D's: Dark, Dreary, Depressing - don't help it Joss!

Oh, please, BSG is so much more than that. Sure, I have to drink while I'm watching it - but I blame that on all the whisky the characters are knocking back!

It's the best show on television since some others left the stage. It would be great if Joss could direct an episode, but the machine is well-oiled and doesn't really need him.
Noooo, BSG has the 3 D's: Dark, Dreary, Depressing - don't help it Joss!

While crossoverman is right that it's so much more than that, is this is what you think of BSG, I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that you might want to stay away from another D, that being Dollhouse.
If Joss did a BSG episode, I would just die of happiness. On the other hand after it ends :( he can start kidnapping the cast for Dollhouse, and that would be almost as good.
Maybe a they can play switch Directors. Joss direct an episode of BSG and whomever direct an episode of Dollhouse.
Oh how I would have loved this!! But, being too busy writing for his new show is a good enough reason why he can't!! BSG is right up there imo with the greatness of Mr. Whedon's shows. I think my brain really would have exploded if Joss became involved with BSG!! I'm so sad BSG will be ending after this season (totally with Carolyn hoping that Caprica gets the green light) but am thrilled that Dollhouse will probably take it's place as my must see show!
I'm a faithful BSG viewer and I think it's (overall) ten flavors of awesome and nine shades of beautiful, but ... I gotta agree that it is one heavy. heavy. gloomfest.

I think the main thing that would prevent Joss from directing an episode is that, in season 3, they did away entirely with "episodes." BSG-S3 was just one big 100%-arc chunk of misery with occasional streaks of black comedy splashed across a field of black, in the dark.

That said, nothing will keep me away from watching the rest of it :)
I can't find the comment, now, but I'm with whoever said Joss should do it and steal the cast for Dollhouse.
Season 3 DVDs go on sale in a little over an hour, here :) I'm looking forward to a bleak, dark, night!
I don't get it. Are "Dark, Dreary, Depressing" supposed to be bad things, because that makes the show sound pretty awesome to me.

[ edited by sungoesdark on 2008-03-18 08:10 ]
Besides, there's always light in BSG too, whether it's gallows humour or one of the characters committing a small kindness where they could've done the other thing. And broadly speaking, the very fact of their continued existence should be hugely uplifting. They persist y'know ? They tilt when they should withdraw. And that too is knightly ;).

Would love Joss to direct an episode, as a director he has a skill for picking out little moments and giving them their due regard IMO but if he can't he can't. Pity.

I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that you might want to stay away from another D, that being Dollhouse.

Ah, but 'Dollhouse' has yet another 'D' to balance the scales: Dushku ;).
Ah, drat. I had been dreaming of this for some time, especially because BSG takes some visual cues from Firefly. (Does anyone else remember back when Serenity came out, some non-Browncoat critics said that the space scenes were obviously influenced by BSG?)

But if he can't, at least it's because he's doing Dollhouse.
I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that you might want to stay away from another D, that being Dollhouse.

I don't know about this. Joss is writing Dollhouse. It's bound to be funnier than BSG.
(Although Gaius makes me laugh with maniacal glee whenever he's on screen.)
"That's it, no more Mr Nice Gaius !" ;).
I don't know about this. Joss is writing Dollhouse. It's bound to be funnier than BSG.

I'm just saying that if "dark" is a problem for people, and if the casting sides turn out to be any indication, Dollhouse might not be for them.
Man if this happened... I mean, if it actually happened... I can't even finish that thought without my face erupting in smiles! But even if it doesn't that's okay too. The BSG crew knows what they're doing.

Also with the awesome: Mark Shepperd/Romo Lampkin!!! I wonder how they're going to fit him back into the story. Not another trial, I hope...
I'm slightly disappointed, but only just. I'm really excited to see how brilliant Dollhouse is gonna be, and if Joss needs to focus on that then I'm happy with that because I want it to start off on really strong footing like Firefly did (at least in terms of the quality of the show, if not in terms of how it was presented by the network) to make sure it survives as long as Joss wants it to. And I know that regardless of Joss' involvement, BSG will continue to be excellent and the fourth, final season will be executed with the same intelligence that the whole show has been.

Regardless, anyone who is a fan of both Joss and BSG will feel slightly disappointed that we won't get to see Joss put his unique spin on the BSG-universe, especially as it's simply a matter of conflicting schedules. He's a very busy man with all of the TV, comic and potential film projects going on and it's amazing he already manages to fit in those he does. It would have been great if he could have worked on BSG at some stage but it's just one of those unfortunate things. At least if the Caprica spinoff ends up working out, maybe in a couple of years Joss will be able to take a short break from Dollhouse to write or direct on Caprica.
SCI FI Channel has given a green light for production to begin on Caprica, a two-hour backdoor pilot and Battlestar Galactica prequel from executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. Production is slated to begin in Vancouver, Canada, this spring.


(Just, you know, so people can start contemplating as per various parts of this thread.)
(Just, you know, so people can start contemplating as per various parts of this thread.)
theonetruebix | March 19, 08:56 CET

A million thanks for that, b!x
(no idea why your "name" is spelled that way but I've seen it a lot so I'm trying to be one of the cool kids ;-)

If the Caprica pilot becomes a series, we may yet see something BSG related and Joss directed, which would be awesomeness incarnate.
"I'm thrilled with the chance to expand on the Galactica world and get deeper into the origins of the story we've been telling," Moore said in a statement. "It's also great to have a chance at doing a completely different kind of science fiction series, one that's even more character-oriented and doesn't rely on pyrotechnics to carry the story."

This is wonderful news - and I'm quite happy for Ron et al. and all who sail with them. More BSG in whatever form I can get it is good news to wake up to. Hail Caprica! And more chances for Joss to direct an episode, if it goes to series, although I'm sure that's the last thing on his mind right now...

Oh, and in a stunning story twist, it is now revealed that Hillary is the final cylon. Hah! Who didn't know that.
I think Capria could be amazing. As much as I love BSG, I'd rather that they ended it on a high while it's still good and plan out a good ending rather than being cut short like Firefly or Veronica Mars (at least they had some chance to wrap up on Angel). I think it would be interesting to see them explore different characters and situations within the same universe.

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